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4 Extra Load tyres for this gorgeous custom transit van

Article written by Bush Tyres extra load tyres

Why Extra Load Tyres

When replacing any tyre, always ensure the correct size, speed, and load indexed tyre is fitted. If you don’t, you could experience steering and control issues, you might even suffer a tyre failure if the wrong tyres are fitted.

When replacing tyres, we find some customers have previously had incorrect tyres fitted elsewhere. Some may have purchased a used car and not even realised that the tyres fitted by the previous owner are different from the original specification.

The Tyre Wall Markings

All tyres carry markings on the sidewall. In addition to the size, here in 255/45YR18, the load and speed marking are then shown after the size on the sidewall as, 103Y. This load index is a code associated with the maximum load a tyre can carry.

Fitting the correct ‘103’ rated extra load tyres means that each tyre can support 875Kg. This gives a maximum loaded weight of 3500Kg, maintaining the legal maximum carrying capacity of the van. If the lower specification ‘99’ rated tyres were installed in error, they can only carry 775kg each, a total of only 3100Kg.

This would leave the van at risk of carrying 400kg more than the tyres were designed for.

Incredibly It is not illegal to use a tyre with an incorrect speed or load rating. However, it is potentially dangerous and could even stop your car insurance from paying out in the event of an accident.

All car manufacturers and motoring bodies such as TyreSafe, The AA, RAC etc recommend that tyres should be fitted correctly for their intended use and ideally matching with the same load and speed rating on all 4 wheels.

At Bush Tyres we do not just replace your tyres with a like for like replacement. Our team’s knowledge and experience means we check every replacement tyre against the original specification from when the vehicle was new. So, if required we will always fit the extra load tyres, though in some cases, it can be possible to deviate from the manufacturer specification.

For example, extra load tyres, that are tyres with a higher load index can be fitted safely, as can a tyre with a higher speed rating. If you want Bush Tyres to check your vehicle is using the correct tyres, or if you want to upgrade your wheels and tyres, your first visit should be to one of our tyre experts who will advise on the best options for you.

Bush Tyres can supply wheels and extra load tyres to suit all makes and models.


Vans deserve nice wheels too! Look at these 18” Calibre Crusade wheels fitted at Bush Tyres Grimsby! 

The black 18-inch Calibre Crusade wheels were fitted with matching black adhesive wheel weights for the ultimate clean finish. The Kumho extra load tyres fitted here in the PS71 variant, PS71 is a high-performance tyre more typically seen on powerful saloon and sports cars.

This Transit van will now be more stable and handling will be improved in all conditions, having an A- rating on wet grip. The PS71 recently achieved 5th from 21 tyres evaluated in the AutoBild UHP Summer Tyre Test 2023. Scoring particularly well on high performance, handling quality and short wet and dry braking distances against much more expensive premium tyres.

To ensure that your car or van has the correct load and speed rated tyres fitted, simply call into any one of our locations for a comprehensive FREE tyre check. Our technicians will advise on what tyre is most suited for your vehicle and driving needs.


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