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Full Four Wheel Alignment on 2015 Isuzu Yukon helps owner save money

Article written by Bush Tyres four wheel alignment

Four Wheel Alignment Check

All of our four wheel alignment checks are carried out by using our state-of-the-art 3D imaging system. Correct four wheel alignment reduces any unnecessary wear on your tyres and increases fuel economy which puts more money back into your pocket. The Isuzu Yukon D-Max as featured here, has tyres fitted of a higher value than what you would find attached to your typical family saloon.

Due to the cost of these tyres, even a small extension to the overall life of the tyres will result in bigger savings for the owner. As a general rule of thumb, the more expensive your tyres, the quicker your savings are recovered in both fuel economy and tyre life.  When the Yukon leaves our workshop, it will be set up to ensure that it performs at its best on or off-road.

Before the adjustments are made, vehicles are checked for any excessive wear and play in any of the suspension components. Accurate readings are then taken using 3D imaging cameras to produce measurements of the initial alignment settings. Once confirmed, our technicians will discuss options with the customer and suggested the optimum specifications for this vehicle. For some applications, customers may also request their own settings; fast road/track setup, or a more economy minded setting can be entered to maximise fuel economy and minimise tyre wear.

Action not Re-Action

At Bush Tyres we believe prevention is better than the cure which is exactly why we offer a free four wheel alignment check. This means 2 or 3 times throughout the year you can book into one of our many branches, get your wheels checked for correct alignment. If no action is needed then you have lost nothing, you may find that your wheels are creeping out of alignment and our technician says that they are still within tolerance and to come back in a month or twos time.

Should the technician, with your permission demonstrate that your vehicle would benefit significantly from a four wheel alignment then they will set about re-aligning your wheels to bring them back in proper geometry.

Knowing when your wheels are creeping away from alignment means you can get them corrected before the wear to your tyres requires expensive replacement. This also reduces the overall cost of maintaining your vehicle by using regular planned maintenance schedules in line with the manufacturers’ guidelines.

wheel aligning

The beast that is the Isuzu D-MAX Yukon

This 2015 model is a second generation, manual, 2.5Ltr turbo diesel powered example. The D-Max is now in its third generation which was released in 2019, having been originally introduced in 2002. The first and second generation designs were based believe it or not upon the Chevrolet Colorado platform.

The current, third generation platform is shared with its cousin, the Mazda BT-50. The D-Max is also available as an SUV body with the MU-7 and now MU-X models.

This owner’s example is a “mid-range” Yukon model and has been personalised with wheel arch extenders and gloss black enhancements, they have also chosen to fit larger off-road wheels and tyres which gives the vehicle greater practicality and curb appeal,  making this car perfect for the country roads and lanes of Lincolnshire.

Not that you will see many of these on UK roads, most of the vehicles were sold to Asian markets, Thailand being the spiritual home of the vehicle where it is one of the most popular 4x4s, selling over 120k units per year!

Get Your Free Check

For your FREE Four Wheel Alignment check, call into any one of our many local branches. Knowing that correct alignment will save you money on fuel and lengthen tyre life means there’s little point in delaying.

Alternatively, you can book in for your free four wheel alignment check by clicking on the button below.

Free Wheel Alignment Check

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