Grand Cherokee SRT8 on Pirelli 29545ZR20 Pzero Runflat tyres

Bush Tyres Boston went the extra mile when they fitted a full set of Pirelli Pzero Run flat Tyres on a Grand Cherokee STR8.

This particular Grand Cherokee STR8, with its 6.4 litre V8 Hemi engine, produces 475Bhp and 470 lb/ft of torque. This amount of power has to have a tyre capable of making sure it all goes to the road. Because of this Pirelli PZERO tyres were the obvious choice. The Pirelli tyres fitted are also run flat tyres, which allows the car to continue driving to a safe place if the tyre is punctured or damaged.

Although our Boston centre is not a Pirelli Performance Centre, the same care and attention was implemented when fitting the tyres by our Boston tyre technicians as would be employed by any of our PPC depots. They made sure the balance weights were not as visible on the black alloy wheels by using black adhesive wheel balance weights. This is a service all of our tyre centres offer.

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