How to maintain the value of your supercar

Supercars aren't immune to depreciation, meaning they drop in value as soon as they roll off the forecourt.

In fact, because many people go out to buy the newest, fastest supercar they can find, there isn't really a market for ones that are a few years old.
Your best bet is to hold onto your supercar for as long as possible because the price might drop initially but it'll slowly creep up again as the car becomes a classic.

What to buy

The best thing you can do would be to choose a car that is a good investment piece, which will depreciate slower than others. The Aston Martin Vantage is a good bet as it'll appeal to James Bond fans in years to come thanks to the styling taken from Spectre's DB10.

If the popularity of the classic E-type is anything to go by then Jaguar's new F-Type is another safe bet. It's a relatively affordable supercar, at £49,000, without the super price tag.

Anything limited edition is also going to hold its value better than a standard model, look at a Bugatti or perhaps even the high-tech McLaren 675LT.

If you're looking to buy a classic supercar then you have a lot of options. The Lamborghini Countach is a good choice as they're steadily climbing in price. A Ferrari F40 might be a little pricier but low mileage ones in good condition have already crept up to the £500,000 mark and are still rising.

What causes depreciation

The more miles you do in your car, the less it's worth. This is why classic supercars with just a few thousand on the clock sell for big money. That's not to say you shouldn't drive your supercar but keep in mind how a future buyer might view it.

The number of owners a car's had and its general condition can also cause it to depreciate.

How to avoid depreciation

The biggest thing you can do here is to look after your supercar By keeping it in good condition, you'll help it hold its value. Here are some tips on how to maintain your supercar.

Get it serviced regularly

A full service history is not only going to ensure your car is full working order but it shows future buyers that you've taken care of it too.

Run the right tyres

Running the right tyres for your car will not only drastically improve handling and comfort but it minimises the potential for damage to your car. If you tend to drive your car to its limit, look for high-performance tyres with a lot of grip to ensure you stay on the road.

You should also consider switching to winter tyres when the weather gets cold as these give better traction in wet weather and snow. Take a look at Bush Tyres' range of winter tyres here.

Play the long game

If you buy a brand new supercar, it's going to depreciate in those first few years you own it. Depending on the car, it may start to go back up in value when it hits 10, 20, 30 or more years old. If you are buying new, keep your car in good condition and wait it out.

Use OEM parts

Don't spare any costs when it comes to maintaining and repairing your supercar. Using original parts from the manufacturer

Use a specialist mechanic

Supercars, especially modern ones, are high-tech machines that require an expert hand. If you don't have access to a main dealer, look for someone with a performance vehicle speciality.

Regular detailing

Regularly getting your car detailed and waxed by a professional is a great way to protect against the elements. This is so important when it's hot and dusty as well as when there's salt on the roads as the wax creates a barrier, which protects your paint work.
Rust protection

Nothing makes a car drop in value quicker than rust so it's important to protect against it (and look out for it if you're buying a classic investment piece). Speak to your dealer or see what the manufacturer recommends in terms of rust-proof coatings that will protect against stone chips, water ingress and salt damage.

Climate-controlled storage

If you can, you need to keep your car in a garage to protect from weather and UV rays but the best option for keeping a car in the best condition possible is a climate-controlled garage as this will also protect from humidity. If you only have access to a regular garage, set up a dehumidifier to keep the moisture out of the air.

Owning a supercar should be a fun experience and while you can take steps to protect your beloved car from depreciation, don't forget to enjoy it too.

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