Introducing the Avon AS7 All-Season Tyre

Avon Tyres has announced the latest tyre to be added to their all-season tyre range, the Avon AS7.

The Avon AS7 all-season tyre has been designed to deliver reliable traction all year round, perfect for unpredictable weather. Designed and developed in the UK, the AS7 tyre is available in 20 tyre sizes. The tyre boasts both 3PMSF (Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake) and M+S (Mud and Snow) ratings.



Advanced Construction & Durable Compounds
The Avon AS7 combines advanced construction and durable compounds to deliver impressive wear results and an even footprint.

Lateral 3D Siping & Grooves
Due to the lateral 3D siping and grooves, the Avon AS7 has excellent wet braking and water evacuation, meaning the tyre has achieved an EU grade B label.

Latest All-Season Silica & Resin Technology
Using the latest all-season silica and resin technology the Avon AS7 generates tyre grip over a wide range of temperatures, meaning whether you are driving in hot, cold or wet conditions, the Avon AS7 will perform well.

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