Avon Tyres have been established for over 100 years and all of our tyres are designed, developed and tested in the UK.

Avon offers a broad range of tyres and sizes to fit most popular vehicles on the road, from ultra-high performance tyres such as the Avon ZZ5 and Avon ZV7, to the newly launched Avon ZX7 for high performance SUVs and the Avon ZT5 designed for small family cars.

Avon - Engineered in the UK

Our range of Avon tyre patterns

  • AX7

    The AX7 is Avon's All-Terrain tyre designed for drivers wanting all-round on and off road performance.

      Engineered to provide outstanding performance in both on-road and off-road driving applications.
      Variable grooved tread block walls, help prevent stone retention.
      and over 70% of the sizes in the range have a green label for Rolling Resistance
  • ZX7

    An ultra-high performance SUV tyre with 'A' grade wet grip - the perfect choice for dirvers who demand the best.

    • Unique asymmetric tread pattern aids wet grip and resists aquaplaning
    • 3D sipes with interlocking three-dimensional points improve handline and tyre wear
    • Coupled silica compound enhances wet grip
    • Spring venting design for a cleaner and higher quality tyre appearance
    • Rim protector - extended flange protects alloy wheels from rim damange and scuffing
    • Available in a range of fitments from 16" to 21" rim diameters with H, V, W and Y speed ratings
  • ZV7

    A high performance summer tyre with 'A' grade wet grip. For drivers who want the best combination of performance and safety.

    • Large circumferential grooves clear water quickly to reduce aquaplaning
    • New tread pattern featuring 3D sipes that help the tyre warm up and optimise wet grip
    • New polymer technology and advanced mixing techniques provide better wet and dry grip, reducing rolling resistance and greater fuel efficiency
    • Rim flange protector helps to minimise kerb damage to alloy wheels*
    • New noise reducing feature - reduces noise from tyre/road interaction
    • Available in a wide range of fitments from 15" to 18" rim diameters with V, W and Y speed rating

    *A rim flange protector is designed to protect the flange area - not the whole wheel. Many modern wheel designs may have domed outward designs well beyond the flange

  • ZT7
    With a range of improved benefits
    • The new ZT7 tread profile and its high silica compound ensures good grip in all road & weather conditions.
    • A uniform tyre to road contact patch enables an even load distribution which improves tread wear while reducing rolling resistance resulting in improved fuel economy.
    • Noise dampening 'fins' ensures this tyre passes all known EU 'pass by noise' legislation.
  • ZZ5

    The Avon ZZ5 has been designed for the ultra high performance vehicle.
    Asymmetric tread design for ultimate grip & response in wet or dry conditions.
    Silica tread compound for improved grip and rim protector to protect alloy wheels against kerb damage.

  • WV7
    A performance winter tyre. Available in H and V speed ratings.
    Increased sipe density improves traction in snow, ice, slush and wet. Forward facing shoulder grooves and V-Slots enhance braking. Backward facing centre groove improves traction. Meets current and future EU tyre regulations for wet grip, clean oil and rolling resistance. Marked with 'Severe Snow Conditions' symbol. Sizes to fit popular performance cars
  • WT7

    A premium winter tyre ideal for your passenger car during wintery conditions
    Directional Winter Tread Pattern - For greater grip and traction.
    Bespoke Shoulder Grooves - Enhanced breaking and control.
    Unique Winter Compound - Balanced handling in all-weather conditions.

  • AV12

    Improved wet braking by due to a new silica rich tyre compound.

    Durability compared to the Avon AV11 is improved significantly by adding two sidewall protection rings and a 6mm wider kerbing rib equipped with recessed lettering
    Fuel consumption is partly determined by the rolling resistance level of tyres. Due to the new silica-carbon compound the Avon AV12 reduced rolling resistance.
  • WMVan

    High Silica Content - Delivers extra traction in the wet and cold
    Cooper's Engineered Snow Groove - Enhanced snow grip
    Tread Blocks - Outstanding traction in snow and ice

  • AS7

    The Avon AS7 is designed to deliver reliable traction in unpredictable weather all year round. 3PMSF and M+S rated.  

History of Avon tyres

Avon was formed in 1885, when Messrs. Brown and Margetson turned a former cloth mill into a rubber goods factory. As the century turned, they spotted a new opportunity: pneumatic tyres for motorcars.

Come 1933 and Avon Tyres is in full stride: the company successfully floats on the stock exchange and Rolls-Royce specifies our tyres as standard equipment.

Growth is rapid. In fact, modernisation sees output double by 1956 and expand our contracts supplying tyres to many British car marques. A long line of sporting success begins on the race track. New formulas are developed to increased ‘cling' in the 1960s, and Avon creates of some of the World's first radial tyres.

The company is now active in over 150 motorsport championships worldwide and the
technology and knowhow used in our race tyres is based on our DNA and across to
our road tyre ranges.

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