Michelin Bibload Hard Surface Tyres fitted by our Kings Lynn Centre

Michelin Bibload Hard Surface TyresBush Tyres Kings Lynn recently fitted set of four 460/70R24 Michelin Bibload Hard Surface tyres to another Telehandler. 

Michelin Bibload tyres are proving to be popular as they are designed for better damage resistance and fewer vibrations, especially in hard surface conditions. Bibload has also been developed with a greater contact patch than a standard agricultural tyre.

Michelin Bibload Diamond Tread

Michelin has innovated the multi-directional diamond tread pattern and reinforced sidewall to ensure a much smoother, more stable ride as well as a reduced puncture risk and a longer life. Bibload Hard Surface tyre also allows for a  higher speed and better handling on the road.


Michelin Bibload Tyre Information

Key features of the Michelin Bibload Hard Surface tyre are: 


  • Reduced risk of punctures
  • More speed and control on road
  • Excellent traction
  • Excellent stability on slopes

Return on investment

  • Greater resistance to wear and tear


  • Smoother ride

For more information about Michelin Bibload tyres or any of their other agricultural products click here


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