Michelin RoadBib - The solution for heavy road use

Michelin launched its new RoadBib tyres onto the original equipment and replacement markets, following nearly two years of extensive end-user testing with agricultural contractors across Europe.

The tyres stand out for being the first fitments for 200+hp tractors designed specifically to provide high performance, longevity and traction on machines used intensively on the road.

One UK contractor who took part in the pre-launch testing with his Fendt 828 Vario. said: "We regularly operate up to 80 miles from base and the Michelin RoadBib tyres have proven second-to-none."
"We've clocked up 4,000 hours with them to-date, whereas we normally get as little as 1,500 hours from a set of traditional lugged front tyres. Our projections show we should hit 8,000 hours before needing to replace the RoadBibs – that's effectively the life of the tractor for us, wiping out our tyre bill."

Michelin RoadBib - in the field Michelin RoadBib working in snow

Agricultural contractors typically spend more than 50% of their time on the road – equivalent to 80% of their total distance travelled – and often coupled to heavy trailers, which adds to the stress on the tyres.

Michelin's National Sales Manager – Agriculture & Construction, Mark White, said: "We challenged our research and development engineers with creating a tractor tyre which would work primarily on tarmac and hard surfaces, providing high traction and longevity, but which could also perform well in fields on soft soil.

Michelin RoadBib - The solution for heavy road use tractors | Bush Tyres 

"We've been thoroughly impressed with how well the new RoadBib tyres have performed during all phases of testing. They are one of the most exciting new products we've launched into the farming sector in the last decade, and are set to change the way contractors specify tyres in the future."

Key to the Michelin RoadBib's performance is its unique tread design, which comprises 52 tread blocks to maximise traction, coupled with a central spine. This allows 40% of the tyre to remain in contact with the road surface – a 60% increase versus a Michelin MachXBib lugged agricultural tyre – whilst increasing driver comfort and extending tyre life.

Michelin RoadBib tread foot print comparison | Bush TyresMichelin Roadbib's large footprint, combined with shallow tread depth, gives the tyre low rolling resistance in order to reduce fuel consumption.
MICHELIN Roadbib has more rubber to the ground, making it more stable on the road.
The plain central rib protects your soil from crushing, reduces plant damage and improves comfort of the road.
Long Service Life
is increased due to a regenerating tyre tread pattern with numerous sipes.

The Michelin RoadBib tyre is available initially in sizes 600/70 R30 and 710/70 R42

Michelin RoadBib - A versatile tyre for heavy road use tractors | Bush Tyres

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