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Pirelli ELECT P-ZERO MO Tyres for Mercedes EQS Exclusive Luxury

Article written by Bush Tyres Pirelli ELECTTM P-ZERO MO Tyres for Mercedes EQS Exclusive Luxury

This Mercedes EQS Exclusive Luxury visited had two new Pirelli ELECT P-ZERO MO Tyres fitted by our Scunthorpe Pirelli Performance Centre team. Read more about this impressive Electric Vehicle from Mercedes and these specific Pirelli EV tyres in our latest blog below.


The Mercedes EQS uses specific 265/35ZR22 P-Zero PZ4 XL- extra load tyres. The tyres have the ELECTTM marking which denotes the tyres are from the new family of Electric vehicle (EV) tyres, developed for use specifically on electric and hybrid vehicles.

Pirelli claim three main advantages from their ELECT range. Low rolling resistance, to enhance range. Noise reduction – PNCS technology, and something Pirelli call “immediate grip”- this enables the tyre to bite into the road and deal with the increased torque from the new generation of vehicles. The tyres are also specially constructed to carry the extra weight of battery powered vehicles.

Pirelli have committed heavily to the advancement of their Elect range. Now producing Elect versions in many of their most popular ranges, P-ZERO, P-ZERO Winter, Sottozero 3 and Scorpion. Whatever the EV and wherever you take it, Pirelli should have a tyre suitable for your needs.

These EQS tyres also carry the MO marking – this is to show Mercedes and Pirelli worked in the homologation program to jointly develop these tyres. Maximising the performance, grip, and life of the tyres.

This tyre features Pirelli’s PNCS – Pirelli Noise Cancelling SystemTM. Technology that can lower the noise inside the cabin, using a special sound absorbing material applied to the inside of the tyre. According to Pirelli, this reduces apparent noise by up to half! A problem for all manufacturers to solve since the introduction of EVs. Without the usual distraction of noisy petrol or diesel engines, the only sounds produced, such as road and wind noise are much more apparent than driving a traditional internal combustion engine.

Pirelli ELECTTM P-ZERO MO Tyres for Mercedes EQS Exclusive Luxury

Pirelli ELECTTM P-ZERO MO Tyres for Mercedes EQS Exclusive Luxury

Pirelli ELECTTM P-ZERO MO Tyres for Mercedes EQS Exclusive Luxury

Mercedes EQS – 450 Plus Exclusive Luxury

The EQS 450+ Electric Vehicle (EV) is Mercedes’ modern and electric equivalent to the historic “S-Class”, or Sonderklasse. Meaning “special class” the S-Class has often been regarded as the most luxurious car in the world. The S-Class has always been regarded as one of the most technologically advanced and luxurious cars available.

This legacy continues into the new EQ range with the introduction of this EQS model. Mercedes’ latest model range, the “EQ” or “Emotion and Intelligence” EV family of vehicles. The EQS being the pinnacle of modern-day luxury driving.

The EQS was launched in 2021 and built on the new MEA EV platform, it has the lowest drag coefficient of any car at time of launch. This helps the car achieve a max range of over 390 miles. The car can also charge from 0-79% in under 30 mins.

In this 450-model, peak power is 329hp from its single motor and it can get to 62mph in under 6.2 seconds, top speed is 130mph. The EQS range topping AMG 53 model has two electric motors producing a peak of 750hp and 1020Nm of torque.

The all-wheel drive EV super saloon has some impressive performance figures to rival many supercars. 0-62 in under 3.4seconds and a top speed of 137mph all with zero emissions.

If you have Mercedes EQ vehicle, or any other make of electric vehicle, we offer free EV tyre checks at all our locations. A dedicated EV page will be launching soon on our main website. There you will find answers to the most common EV tyre queries, additional information and useful links to the most up to date information from all leading EV tyre manufacturers.

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