Pirelli PZERO XL B fitment tyres for Bentley Bentayga Speed

On a sunny day recently this Bentley Bentayga Speed came to our Horncastle branch for a set of new 285/40R22 Pirelli PZERO XL B fitment tyres as well as an alignment and wheel refurbishment.

The Pirelli P ZERO™ is an ultra-high performance tyre which combines Pirelli's knowledge gained from competitive motorsport with Pirelli's alliance with top car manufacturers, creating the perfect fit for the performance of each car.

Pirelli PZERO XL B fitment tyres for Bentley Bentayga Speed

Since the 1980s, Pirelli has been delivering performance and comfort for Bentley cars.

In 2015 Bentley launched the new Bentayga, Pirelli's first SUV, and the first Bentley to be built for off-roading. In order to rise to the new challenges posed by use on a range of challenging surfaces, Pirelli and Bentley developed the P ZERO and a Scorpion Verde All Season for the new Bentley.

Pirelli PZERO XL B fitment tyres for Bentley Bentayga Speed

The Pirelli P Zero is ideal for the sports, high-powered sector, or powerful mid-range vehicles. It has maximum grip and stability with improved steering response. Also available in Run Flat version, Seal Inside™ version and PNCS version.

Our Horncastle depot is one of our nine Pirelli Performance Centres, part of the network of hand-selected UK tyre dealers which have met the required high standards to ensure Pirelli tyres are fitted to the highest specification.

The team also carried out a wheel alignment to make sure the owner would get the most out of their new tyres. Adjusting a vehicle's alignment can significantly reduce fuel consumption and more importantly, improve road safety!

Lastly, the Bentley Bentayga had an alloy wheel refurbishment. We offer a wide range of colours and finish's and can also colour match the original colour. All refurbished wheels are powder coated to make them as good as, if not better, than new.

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