Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Alloy Wheel refurbishment - Before & AfterIf your alloy wheels are looking tired, scuffed and scratched then our alloy wheel refurbishment service is for you.

We offer a wide range of colours and finishes and can also colour match the original colour.
All refurbished wheels are powder coated to make them as good as, if not better, than new.

Corroded alloy wheels not only look unsightly they could also cause your tyres to deflate. This is caused by corrosion eating away at the alloy, underneath the clear protective lacquer, which in turn works its way to the inside of the wheel, braking the tyre seal and causing air leaks between the tyre and the rim. 


Refurbished alloy wheel repair near me - Powder CoatedAll refurbished wheels have the tyres removed. The wheel is then placed in an acid-based strip tank to remove all paint and lacquer. After this the wheel is media blasted to remove any blemishes and corrosion. It is at this point the kerbing, deep scratches and any pitting that may have occurred due to corrosion is removed. Any heavy pitting found is smoothed over to create a better look and creates a better seal between the tyre and the rim.

The curing temperature of powder coatings is approximately 180°C, because of this the wheel is pre-heated to 200°C for around 20 minutes to allow any air to expand and to remove any contaminants. A powder primer is applied and cured. The wheel is then cooled and either a paint or powder coat is applied in the relevant colour. Once the colour coat has cured an acrylic powder coat lacquer is applied to not only enhance the finish but also to protect the wheel from the environment.

Once the lacquer powder coat has cured, and cooled, the tyre is refitted and balanced using adhesive wheel weights so as not to spoil the appearance.


Lotus wheels refurbished & diamond cut - before & afterAlthough powder coating is the most popular way of refurbishing wheels diamond cut finishes are becoming more popular now. There are a lot of cars that are fitted with diamond cut alloys as standard now


Diamond cutting is a very precise process and takes longer than a powder coat refurbishment.

All diamond cut wheels are refurbished in exactly the same way as a standard alloy wheel (detailed above), the only exception being, before the lacquer is applied the wheel is placed on the diamond cutting lathe. The cutting tip removes first the paint that has been coated on the spoke and a thin layer of the wheel is removed leaving bright alloy against a coloured background. Because of this the alloy can only be cut a few times to prevent too much of the wheels surface being removed.

The wheel is then cleaned and lacquered in the normal way and the tyre refitted and balanced using adhesive wheel weights.


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