Summer Motoring Tips

Whether you're a day tripper or holiday-maker, you should be aware more tyre-related incidents happen on Britain's roads during the summer months than at any other time of year.

To keep your risks to a minimum, ensure you've checked your tyres before you set off as you're likely to be carrying more luggage, more passengers, and travelling further too. Make it essential your car tyres are in tip-top condition before any journey.



ROADSIDE SAFETY: Never change your tyre on the hard shoulder of a motorway or dual carriageway. Call for assistance using the emergency phone provided on the hard shoulder or your breakdown recovery service and then stand in as safe a place as possible.

HOW TO CHECK YOUR TYRES: Begin by checking your AIR PRESSURE. If your vehicle's tyres are inflated properly, your car will not only handle properly but you'll also save money on fuel too.
While you're looking at your tyres, make sure they are in good condition. NO CRACKS, BULGES OR CUTS.

CHECK THE TREAD DEPTH using a tread depth gauge (or a 20p piece if you don't have one) to make sure your tread is at least 1.6mm deep for safe driving.

Before filling the boot with your luggage, check for your SPARE TYRE – if you have one. Nowadays only a few new cars come with one as standard and you may have some new-fangled kit you don't know how to use. It would be frustrating to unload your luggage by the roadside, only to find you don't have a spare wheel, or know what to do with the kit, so make sure you're familiar with your equipment.


If all of this feels overwhelming & you are not sure what to look for, call into your nearest Bush Tyre Centre where we will check your tyre pressures & tyre condition Free of Charge before you go away on your travels.

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