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Free alignment check for lovely 1993 Jaguar XJS V12

Article written by Bush Tyres

This very well presented 1993 Jaguar XJS V12 visited Boston branch for a free suspension and alignment check. Read more about the car and the benefit of regular alignment checks below.

Jaguar XJS V12

The XJ-S always had a difficult act to follow, replicating the phenomenal success of the E-Type (XK-E) was always going to be challenging for Jaguar. There was no way to please everyone, the E-Type being so focussed on its sporting prowess and elegant design unrestricted by more modern safety requirements. The XJ-S now a more luxurious and sedate grand tourer was not as quick to win the hearts and wallets of Jaguar enthusiasts stuck in the wake of the 1970s fuel crisis.

This mighty grand tourer has a monster 5.3 litre V12 engine and 3 speed automatic gearbox driving the rear wheels. The engine in this example is what is referred to as a HE or “High Efficiency” engine as seen in the later examples. This engine generated an output of 295hp with a unique Fire Ball combustion chamber designed by Swiss engineer Michael May. The XJ-S (with hyphen) was also available from 1983 with an even more economical 3.6 litre in-line 6 engine.

The model range was facelifted in 1991-96 and this owner’s example is one of those cars. By this time, Jaguar was under Ford ownership, they dropped the hyphen, making the newer models known as more simply, the “XJS”. Some of the final run XJS cars benefitted from an even bigger V12 engine with 6.0 litre displacement and a 4th gear “overdrive” was also added. After a total run of over 21 years, production finally ended in 1996 with the introduction of the new XK8 model range, an even more modern design with a new range of V8 engines marked the end for the V12 era. Focus on better fuel efficiency and more strict emissions regulation took even tighter hold on European car makers. Proper “Jaaaaaags” like this XJS would never quite be the same again.

Wheel Alignment Check and adjustment

This XJS visited our Boston branch for a routine alignment check completely free of charge, we only charge if adjustment is required. The customer only required a front wheel adjustment. This is our simplest and lowest priced adjustment, and the cost of this will be recovered with the savings in fuel economy and additional savings made from maximising the life of the tyres. This savings are in addition to the benefits and peace of mind of knowing there are no worn suspension bushes and the car now drives as the factory intended, straight and true with no unwanted pulling or wandering whilst driving. A truly sublime ownership experience.

Correct wheel alignment saves you money on fuel and tyres. To book in for your free check, use the link below, or call in to one of our local depots for more information and options for your individual vehicle. 

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