The best summer tyres for supercars

Many supercar manufacturers have a tyre of choice for their cars because they understand how the right tyre can affect performance, handling, comfort and fuel consumption.

Performance summer tyres are the kind that will give optimum grip on dry, warm roads while also reducing braking distances in the wet.

If you take your supercar on track, these summer tyres will work nicely although you may have to adjust the pressures to account for the extra heat that going into them.

Getting performance tyres for your car is one of the cheapest ways to improve handling in the corners. A lot of people look to upgrade their car's suspension to help with this when, in reality, a good set of tyres will do the job for a fraction of the price.

Before spending money on expensive mods, make sure you have the right performance tyres on your car – super or otherwise.

Here is Bush Tyres' selection of high performance summer tyres you can trust on the road.

Pirelli P Zero range

There's a reason Pirelli is associated with one of the fastest forms of motorsport in the world. With data and technology taken from Formula One tyres, the Pirelli P Zero range has been designed for performance vehicles.

The P Zero Nero is perfect for supercars as it provides an excellent level of grip and sure cornering. The asymmetric tread design also improves grip in the wet and helps to prevent aquaplaning.

Michelin Pilot Sport

The Pilot Sport 4S is ranked number one for braking on dry surfaces, allowing you to get more out of your supercar. These tyres are wonderfully responsive and are acclaimed by many performance car manufacturers.

The Pilot Sport Cup 2 is a tyre that works well on the road as well as on track. It's been designed based on technology and data from endurance racing meaning it lasts longer than many other performance tyres on the market.
Dunlop SP Sport range

Dunlop has a large range of supercar summer tyres on offer. The SP range is designed for high performance cars, and even features a tyre for powerful SUVs.

The SP Sport Maxx TT is made with DuPont Kevlar, which improves its lifespan while providing excellent cornering and responsiveness.

For those of you going on track, the SP Sport Maxx GT provides excellent stability on high-speed corners. This allows you to keep your speed while maintaining control of the car ready to accelerate as you exit the turn.

Continental SportContact

The SportContact 6 is another tyre designed for supercars. The tread pattern is designed to reduce sideways pull as you corner, giving you control when you need it most. The technology in this tyre provides maximum stability at high speeds in both wet and dry conditions.

The SportContact 5 actively adapts to the road surface, making it a great performance summer tyre for anyone that tackles a variety of different road conditions.

Toyo Proxes Sport

This is a more affordable tyre for sports cars. It was developed to meet the needs of the most powerful cars while still providing comfort and mileage. With excellent responsiveness on top of the comfort factor, this is a great tyre for longer journeys.

Hankook Tyres Ventus range

Hankook's range of performance tyres offer something for every car. For high performance SUVs, there's the Ventus ST RH06 while the V12 evo2 K120 is a tough, rigid tyre designed to provide more traction in both wet and dry conditions while improving stability at high speeds.

Bridgestone Potenza S001

This is a precision racing tyre that gives superior traction and cornering. It's a premium quality tyre that gives outstanding sports performance. For those of you driving in wet conditions, it can also rapidly evacuate water to prevent aquaplaning and give high traction on wet roads.

Avon ZV range

The ZV3, ZV5 and ZV7 are all high-performance tyres. The whole range will not only help with cornering, braking and acceleration but they all come with rim protectors. These help to guard your supercar's wheels from kerbing.

The ZV7 includes a new tread pattern that features 3D sipes, which help the tyre to warm up quickly to provide optimum grip.  It'll also help to reduce noise from tyre-road interaction, which means you can enjoy the roar of your engine instead.

If you're not sure which of these tyres will fit your supercar, type the tyre size, vehicle type or registration into our site for details of what will work for your car.

If you need an expert opinion on supercar summer tyres, speak to Bush Tyres for advice on which product would be best suited to your car, driving style and road conditions.

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