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Wheel Alignment Check & Adjustment for Lovely 1952 Dodge Coronet

Article written by Bush Tyres 1952 Dodge Coronet visited us for a wheel alignment

This Classic piece of Americana was seen recently at our Scunthorpe branch. The rare sight, a 1952 Dodge Coronet visited us for a wheel alignment.

The 1952 Dodge Coronet

The Dodge Coronet was marketed by Dodge in a total of seven generations. Introduced as a full-size car in 1949, it was the manufacturers highest trim level starting in 1955 through 1959. The nameplate “coronet” is referenced as a type of crown worn by royalty.

The Dodge Coronet was introduced with the division’s first postwar body styles. A limited production model was a four-door, eight-passenger limousine, an extended version of the stock Dodge Coronet which was related to the DeSoto Suburban.

One of the most notable features of the first-generation Coronet was Chrysler’s four forward-speed, a fluid-driven semi-automatic transmission that Dodge Division called Gyromatic. After using the clutch and gear shift to select the high range, upshifts and downshifts were operated by the accelerator pedal on the floor. The clutch did not need to be depressed in stop-and-go driving once underway.

All Dodge vehicles received a facelift for 1950 but like the 1949 models were still divided into Wayfarer, Meadowbrook, and Coronet lines. The 1950 models can be identified easily by the new grille design which featured 3 heavy horizontal bars. The upper and lower bars formed a stylish oblong shape. Within this oblong grille was a thick centre bar with parking lights on each end and a large chrome plaque in the centre bearing the Dodge crest.

Dodge received yet another facelift in 1951 but this time the cars remained virtually unchanged for two model years.

Busy manufacturing military vehicles for use in Korea, they chose not to dedicate valuable resources to completely redesign civilian vehicles. The grille of the 1951 model was similar in shape to the 1950 grille, but with the elimination of the thick vertical centre bar and the addition of six vents running horizontally between the top and centre bars, a whole new look was achieved. For 1952 the Coronet had a painted lower grille louver.

wheel alignment for 1952 Dodge Coronet

wheel alignment for 1952 Dodge Coronet

wheel alignment for 1952 Dodge Coronet

wheel alignment for 1952 Dodge Coronet

Wheel Alignment Check and Adjustment

Even way back in 1952, manufacturers recommend checking your wheel alignment regularly. Also after any major changes to the suspension or a significant impact.

Before the adjustments are made, all vehicles are checked for any excessive wear and or play in any of the suspension components. Accurate measurements are then taken using 3D imaging cameras to produce measurements of the initial alignment settings.

Once confirmed, the technician then discussed with the customer and suggested the optimum specifications for each vehicle. For some applications, customers may also request their own settings; fast road/track setup, or more economy minded settings can be entered to maximise fuel economy and minimise tyre wear.

If you have something unusual like this Dodge Coronet – Wheel alignment still saves you money on fuel and tyres. Any of our local depots can offer a range of alignment options for your specific vehicle includiong FREE checks. To book in for your free check, call your local branch or simply click the link below.

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