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Owner Overjoyed With 4 Wheel Alignment For Rare Axiam Crossline

Article written by Bush Tyres Wheel Alignment

Perfect Wheel Alignment

This very rare, and very small car visited our wheel alignment experts at Bush Tyres Spalding. The owner called in and asked for a factory specification setup. When a car leaves the factory the wheels have been aligned in such a way as to offer, maximum grip, fuel economy, and optimum tyre wear. Over time mainly due to road conditions the wheels can creep out of alignment causing faster tyre wear, impaired handling and poor fuel economy.

Back in line

Getting your car’s wheels checked to ensure that they are in correct wheel alignment is key to ensuring that your tyres, suspension components and steering links are all going to perform at their best and last as long as possible. This will also improve handling and ultimately keep you safer on the roads. Here at bush Tyres all 32 of our locations have the most up to date technology installed with fully digital four wheel alignment systems and fully trained wheel alignment specialists on hand ready to check your vehicle to the highest possible standards.

Before each alignment, checks are made to your suspension components. These checks ensure that any links or bushes are performing at their best.

After this pre-check, the current alignment measurements are taken using 3D imaging targets attached to the wheels. This report is printed and uses a traffic light warning label to show the technician and customer where any adjustments are required. The car can now be setup to manufacturer specification, or customer settings if required. Once the process is completed, a final print is provided to show the adjustments made and given to the customer to keep with their service records.

Aixam Crossline Super Luxe

Aixam microcars are over 41 years old now, producing cars under their own name since 1983. Before 1983 its origin can be traced back to the Arola from 1975. In 2022 Aixam produced a total of 18300 vehicles worldwide. This extremely compact city car is fitted with a tiny 400cc, 2 cylinder, Z402 diesel engine manufactured by Kubota. This engine is usually used in light industrial applications and is rated at 4 to 6 kW ( only 5 to 8 hp).

The wider appeal of these cars is limited here in the UK.  With very little power and small cabins, they are only really suited to short trips and city driving. In some of the mainland European countries the car’s small engine and low power, combined with a speed limiter to 28mph means that the car can be driven without a car licence.

This allows younger drivers to get behind the wheel  In the UK some models are classed also as a quadricycle and can be driven at age 16 with only a Compulsory Basic Training CBT) course having been completed.

The major appeal for this car is the more basic engineering setup, lower initial purchase cost, running costs and fuel economy. These cars are useful to have as a second car, or towed behind a camper vans on longer road trips, plus they are great for short trips into town.

Leave it to the experts

Here at Bush Tyres, we can carry out hundreds of two wheel or four wheel alignments everyday on most makes and models of car. Our tyre experts are always on hand to talk to and can give great advice on the benefits of correct wheel alignment.

With Bush Tyres you can book your car in for a wheel alignment whenever you feel ready, we even offer a free alignment check. To qualify for the free check click HERE and complete the short form to download your voucher, or click on the link below to book your car in to have the wheels professionally aligned.

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