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Tyre review - evo performance tyre test 2020

Towards the end of last year evo magazine put 19-inch performance tyre, the 235/35 R19 - a popular size used by many high-performance hatchbacks, to the test.

In these tests, evo aims to provide a complete review of each tyre so they were judged through both objective and subjective testing, as although a tyre can produce good results in numbers, that does not necessarily mean it feels good when driving on it and vice versa.

For this reason, as well as testing the tyres' wet handling, braking, rolling resistance, aquaplaning, dry handling and road route using a variety of different surfaces, the tyres were also rated for steering feel and feedback, the confidence they inspire on track as well as how refined and responsive they are in a general driving environment.

Which tyres were tested?

All of the tyres were tested on a Mk7.5 Performance version Volkswagen Golf GTI, a 242bhp front wheel drive car with a seven-speed DSG gearbox. This car provides a consistent platform that can show a tyre's full ability on wet and dry and can expose any weaknesses.


7th Place:

In 7th place we have the Vredestein Ultra Vorti, evo reported that the Ultra Vorti is a "decent tyre that showed well in the aquaplaning tests and set a good lap time on the dry circuit too." However, they also noted that it did come in towards the bottom of the table in many tests, and "subjectively was noisy and lacked the connection of the best. It is worth noting that an updated version is due in the new year."

6th Place:

In 6th place we have the Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2, evo said it the was by far the best in aquaplaning and "was also highly rated on the wet handling circuit. It wasn't as impressive in the dry though, being marginally the slowest on track and middle-ranked subjectively, and also marked down on the road for a lack of feel and refinement."

5th Place:

In 5th place we have the Goodyear Eagle F1 Supersport, evo reported that the Eagle F1 Supersport "had steering feel and feedback as good as the best, helping it achieve strong dry results". They also said it "delivered good objective wet performances too, but while its steering was outstanding its refinement was less good: on poor surfaces it was noisy and bumpy".

4th Place:

In 4th place we have the Nokian Powerproof, evo commented that the test gave a "great result for the Nokian Powerproof. It's not the most tactile or the sharpest steering here but it delivered strong performances in the wet, including equal second fastest on the wet track and good aquaplaning resistance. This it combines with decent everyday refinement and good value".

3rd Place:

In 3rd place we have the Pirelli P Zero PZ4, evo reported that the ‘PZ4' P Zero was "outstanding in the wet, setting the fastest time and feeling the most connected and grippy on the wet circuit, which it backed up with strong aquaplaning performances". However, they also noted that "it lacked the steering feel and feedback of the best but was good in the dry too, setting the equal fastest lap time".

2nd Place:

In 2nd place we have the Continental SportContact 6, evo said the SportContact 6 "lacked corner traction in the wet, as is reflected in its slowest wet handling time and bottom-of-the-table aquaplaning results, but it was good elsewhere and subjectively was highly rated in the dry and on the road route for its steering feel, calm poise and decent refinement."

1st Place:

Finally in 1st place we have the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S, evo reported that the Pilot Sport 4 S was "good in the wet and outstanding in the dry, setting the fastest dry lap time and topping [their] subjective ratings on track and on the road route, where it impressed with superb steering feel and feedback and ride comfort. A great tyre that will improve the feel of your performance car".

So, there you have it. The Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S came out top for 2020 but each tyre had its positives and negatives so you can make your choice based on your needs. Click here to read the full report, including times and scores here.

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