2008 Robin Hood Lotus 7 Replica in for New Tyres and a Wheel Alignment

This blue 2008 Robin Hood Lotus 7 Replica kit car came to our Bourne branch for two new tyres and a wheel alignment.

The team fitted two 205/50R15 tyres and carried out a full wheel alignment check and adjustment.

Our technicians can align any car as long as we have, or are given, the vehicles wheel alignment specifications.

If you are looking for a wheel alignment for a car of any age, our team are able to take a look. We are very proud of our alignment machines, which are among the best in the industry and allow us to check and adjust caster, camber and toe settings on almost any vehicle!

Find out more about our wheel alignment services at your local branch. Click below to find your nearest Bush Tyres branch:

Wheel Alignment near me - Bush Tyres

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