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Free Alignment Check for Cool 1980 VW Dune Buggy

Article written by Bush Tyres 1980 VW Dune Buggy

This 1980 VW Dune Buggy is based on a classic VW chassis. Having recently visited Boston for a FREE alignment check it is now ready for the nearest beach. Read more about this quirky conversion and book in for your own free Alignment check below.

1980 VW Dune Buggy

This 1980 VW Dune Buggy is based on a classic VW chassis. This one is particularly distinctive with its striking blue paint with extra metallic flake in the finish. Also unusual in that it has a four-seat configuration, these conversions are often only a 2-seater. This makes this example fun for all the family, more likely to be spotted at a beach somewhere rather than the sand dunes of a desert.

VW Beach Buggy Alignment

These conversions are more versatile than owners realise. Some Dune buggy conversions were even used by the US military as Desert Patrol Vehicles (DPVs) or Fast Attack Vehicle (FAVs). The genesis of these cars is credited to Bruce Meyers and his “Meyers Manx.” Produced in kit form for owners to convert their own VW chassis in California from 1964-1971.

VW teased the public with a redux of this classic, in 2019 at the Geneva Motor Show they unveiled an ID.Buggy concept “Sand-Blaster”. This modern take on the classic buggy was used to leverage on the nostalgia of the iconic Dune Buggy to help toward VW’s vision for an all-electric future.

We have since seen the production release of the popular ID.Buzz camper concept. Will VW put this modern take on the classic buggy into production? Which model would you rather take home? Whichever one you choose, Bush tyres will provide Tyres, Brakes, Service, repairs, MOT and alignment to keep up with all of your motoring needs whether they be classic or future.

Wheel Alignment Checks and Adjustments

This VW Beach Buggy visited Boston for an alignment check. Manufacturers recommend checking your wheel alignment every 5000 miles or after any major changes to the suspension or impacts.

Before the adjustments are made, the vehicles are checked for excessive wear and any play in suspension components.

Once confirmed, 3D imaging targets are placed on each of the four wheels. Accurate measurements are taken using 3D imaging cameras to produce a measurement of the current alignment settings. Once these are confirmed the technician will discuss with the customer and suggest the vehicle is set to the manufacturer’s specifications where appropriate.

For some specialist applications, customers can also request their own setup; fast road/track setup, or economy settings can be entered to help maximise fuel economy and minimise tyre wear or maximise handling.

Whether you have something unusual like this VW or not – wheel alignment can save you money on fuel and tyres. Call in to one of our local tyre fitting depots for more information and alignment options for your vehicle. Alternatively, to book in for your FREE Alignment Check, below:

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