Are dual tyres worth the money?

You often see farm vehicles with an extra set of wheels at the front, this is what's known as dual tyres. An extra wheel mounted next to an existing one can provide a number of benefits to the farmer, vehicle and the field.

There are a number of different options available to farmers who want dual wheels to reduce ground pressure and improve efficiency. The type of wheel set-up you choose depends on the type of vehicle, what it's used for and the type of terrain it'll be working on.

In a time where farm vehicles and equipment are getting heavier, dual tyres perform an important role for farmers. There are a number of benefits to dual tyres for farmers, these include.

Greater tensile strength

By doubling up on your wheels, you're increasing the tensile strength across the vehicle. This means that tyres and wheels will be stronger and last longer.

Less damage to the ground

By spreading out the weight of the vehicle across an extra set of wheels, you're reducing the amount of rutting caused by the vehicle as it moves across the ground. This means there's less damage to the ground structure and reduced soil compaction.

Lower fuel consumption

By spreading out the weight of the vehicle, you get lower fuel consumption. This is important in a time when we're all trying to save money and make our vehicles more efficient.

Less slip

Because you'll have more traction with extra tyres on your farm vehicle, you'll get less slip when travelling. This leads to reduced tyre wear, which can prolong the life of each tyre. It also makes the vehicle safer when extra traction is needed.

It's often cheaper than a very wide tyre

Wide tyres are expensive to make so if you need to spread the weight of your vehicle out to avoid damage to roads and fields, it can be much more affordable to opt for a dual wheel set up.

What about cost?

While dual tyres cost more than a single set, you get a lot of benefits. You'll see savings thanks to the decreased fuel consumption for a start but as dual tyres wear less quickly than a single tyre, you'll have to pay out for them less often.

If you're interested in comparing costs of dual tyres for tractors, the team at Bush Tyres can help you make the right decision.

What are the cons?

If you're running a relatively light farm vehicle that doesn't need its weight spread more evenly, dual wheels might be an unnecessary cost.

While the smaller tyres for dual wheel vehicles can be more affordable than a single large, wide tyre, the dual wheel set up is an investment. Because of this, dual tyres might not be suitable for vehicles that are used infrequently as it'd take time to see the benefits.

In conclusion, there are many benefits to dual tyres for tractors but they need to be seen as an investment. If you have a very heavy vehicle that's prone to damaging roads and fields, dual tyres will be invaluable.

If you are unsure whether dual wheels are right for your agricultural vehicle, Bush Tyres has a specialist agricultural tyres centre that can help you make an informed decision. Call 08455 214222 for advice.

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