Bush Tyres has grown to become the leading agricultural specialist in the East of England.

With large amounts of available stock, fully trained salesmen specialising in the agricultural sector,
and with over 60 breakdown vans on call 24/7, Bush Tyres are truly on top.

Our depth of knowledge in the agricultural field is unsurpassed and we are able to offer impartial, specialist advice, to make sure that you get the optimum fitment for your particular requirement.

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We offer an overwhelming amount of stock, with over 6,500 tyres readily available, so there's no waiting around!

We buy our agricultural tyres in bulk, by container load, so we are can pass on amazing savings to you, our customer. Thus, enabling us to guarantee the BEST PRICES POSSIBLE!

Whatever you are looking for, we guarantee we'll have something
to meet your requirements.

Click here to send us your Agricultural Tyre EnquiryRow Crop Tyres, Low Ground Pressure/Terra Tyres, Flotation Tyres, Cross-Ply Tyres, Wide Section Radials, Tractor Rear Radials, Tractor Fronts, Combine Harvester Tyres, Replacement Tyres, and many, many more!

If you're not located in the East of England you can still get a great deal on tractor & implement tyres with our Nationwide Delivery Service.

So wherever you are in the UK you can get a great deal on agricultural tyres too.

Call Our Delivery Team Today 08455 214222


Tractor Batteries | Bush TyresAgricultural Wheels and Tyres | Bush TyresAlongside, our fantastic stock of agricultural tyres, we have a huge range of agricultural batteries and wheels available.

We also have an extensive range of implement tyres to suit all needs. We now stock exclusive Kevlar reinforced implement tyres, making punctures a thing of the past!


Bushmobile Service Vehicle | Bush TyresWe offer a variety of different services, to meet every customer's needs...

  • Dedicated 24 hour free-phone breakdown service - operated by experienced staff to ensure 'down time' is minimal
  • 60 24/7 on-call fitting vans - all fitted with the latest specialist fitting equipment and satellite navigation tracker
  • 10 of these vans are brand new - recently invested in due to current success
  • Bushmobile Service Vehicle | Bush TyresAgricultural specialist salesmen - who will give you genuine advice, every step of the way
  • Advice on operating pressures for optimum tyre performance
  • Advice on tyre and wheel equipment to reduce soil compaction

Our fitters and technicians undergo constant training to ensure that they are kept up to date in preventative services and on going maintenance - making Bush Tyres the first choice!


Bush Tyres Serviceline Call 0800 801054


Camso Agricultural Tracks | Bush Tyres


Tractor Wheel Alignment | Bush tyres | Call 01205 535955We have a dedicated account management system, and deal with all types of agricultural customers, including;

  • Agricultural Manufacturers
  • Tractor Dealerships
  • Farming Groups
  • Farmers, and
  • Agricultural Contractors.

Our dedication and support towards our customers is certainly proven, as Bush Tyres is officially the leading supplier to Woldmarsh Farming Group and we also are approved suppliers of Fram Farmers and Anglia Farmers Limited.


"Bush Tyres continue to provide us with fantastic service and respond to our enquiries very quickly. This is a massive help, especially for urgent tyres, where we can get an order placed for our member in a matter of minutes if need be. Prices are always extremely competitive, and our members say that on site fittings are done in a very efficient, professional manner" - Harry Nesling, Fram Farmers

"I've been very happy with the service provided – quick responses, information provided when requested." - Gemma Oliver, Fram Farmers

Bush Tyres are now also offering a new tractor wheel alignment service.

Our expertly trained technicians are able to visit any location to carry out wheel alignment services on any tractor.


Ascenso Tyres - Never Stop Rising
Ascenso caters for the three key off-road sectors: Agriculture, Industrial & Construction and Earth Mover.

The team at Ascenso have a vast experience in the tyre business and benefit from a total of three decades in the off-highway tyre industry, after building two of the world's leading off-highway tyre brands in the past. Ascenso tyres are designed keeping absolutely everything in mind: vehicle types, terrain, weather conditions and customer needs.

Mitas Agricultural Tyres | Bush Tyres

The Mitas brand offers a comprehensive range of radial and cross-ply tyres for tractors and trailers and a wide range of industrial, multipurpose tyres (MPT) and earth-mover tyres (OTR).

In the field, or on the road, Mitas agricultural tyres offer you many benefits, including;

  • Improved tractions
  • High load capacity
  • Gentle ground handling
  • Increased tyre life
  • Great fuel savings

Bush Tyres are proud to offer to the agricultural sector the range of Mitas & CGS tyres. We are approved dealers and carry a wide range with the usual competitive pricing.

Mitas Agricultural Tyres | Bush Tyres

Bush Tyres are proud to be a part of The Michelin Exelagri dealer partnership programme, which is awarded to agricultural tyre dealers who have reached high standards in a number of areas of their businesses, and who offer exceptional standards of service.

As Bush Tyres have been accredited with this specialist status, we are able to offer fantastic benefits to all of our agricultural customers, including farm tyre service, on-site breakdown service and professional, technical advice. See below for just a few of the services Bush Tyres can guarantee:

  • Wide range of Michelin Group agricultural tyres and services
  • Michelin trained staff
  • Wheel alignment checks
  • A fitting and breakdown service on site and in the field
  • Advice on Michelin Group product application, use and recommendations.

Trelleborg Agricultural Tyres | Bush Tyres

Trelleborg's core values are; customer focus, performance, innovation and responsibility. These are long-term commitments for Trelleborg, and are also shared by us here at Bush Tyres.

We are also now part of the unique Trelleborg Professional Centre programme, which includes all year round dedicated campaigns and sales incentives, for example the all new Blue Impact Programme - Blue Shoots, for 2014.

Being part of this programme, enables us to be clearly identified to our customers and the agricultural tyres market, as a trusted, reliable agricultural tyres supplier. Within the 'Blue Shoots' programme we receive the utmost respect towards our own individual identity and core values, and are rewarded with a range of benefits, including;

  • Better pricing
  • Increased availability
  • End user promotions
  • Bespoke sell-out campaigns
  • Technical Training on Trelleborg products
  • Unique access to Trelleborg's economy agricultural brand - Maximo.

All of the above are benefits for Bush Tyres as a company, but they are ALL great benefits for our customers in the long-term.

Firestone Agricultural Tyres | Bush Tyres

With a history of innovation spanning over 100 years, Firestone is a trusted brand that has stood the test of time.

Firestone was one of the original early 20th century equipment suppliers to the Ford Motor Company. Today, Firestone is part of the Bridgestone group, and offers affordable, quality tyres for Tractors, Combine Harvesters and Industrial as well as many more agricultural appliances.

Taurus Agrotyre | Bush Tyres 


A long-established European tyre brand, designed by specialists, to offer high levels of safety at an affordable price. With more than 100 years of history in Europe, based on decades of expertise, Taurus brand is developed to meet its customers evolving needs.


Amongst all of the fantastic promotions and offers from the premium agricultural brands, we must not forget that there are still many great deals provided by our Economy brands.
Bush Tyres supply a range of economy agricultural tyres, and are a valued part of their constant endeavour to offer the best quality products and services to the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Some of these economy brands include;

  • BKT Agricultural Tyres | Bush TyresBKT
  • Alliance
  • Cultor Agricultural Tyres | Bush TyresCultor
  • Maximo,
  • And many others!

We also stock a large amount of "O file" Agricultural wheels and tyres, which include part-worn, take in, factory run, and demount items. These tyres could potentially give you HUGE SAVINGS.

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Agricultural Tyres Questions

Why tractor rear tyres are bigger

Tractors have larger tyres at the rear as they give better traction. Tractors are usually 2 wheel drive so need really good traction to pull heavy loads.

Why tractor front tyres are small

Tractors use the front wheels for steering. Having smaller wheels gives them better manoeuvrability for steering so allows them to turn tighter corners, which is extremely important when ploughing fields.

How to measure tractor tyres

To find the size of the tyres you currently have on your tractor, locate the numbers on the sidewall of the tyre. there may be 2 or 3 numbers, separated by a / or -. If there are 2 numbers, they tell you the width of the tyre and then the diameter of the rim (both in inches). If there are 3 numbers, they will tell you the height of the tyre, then the width, then the diameter of the rim.

Not found the answer you're looking for?

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What size are tractor tyres

Tractor tyre sizes differ. It's the size of the rims that are the important thing when replacing them. You can replace tractor tyres with different size as long as the rim is the correct size. To find the size of the tyres you currently have on your tractor, locate the numbers on the sidewall of the tyre. there may be 2 or 3 numbers, separated by a / or -. If there are 2 numbers, they tell you the width of the tyre and then the diameter of the rim (both in inches). If there are 3 numbers, they will tell you the height of the tyre, then the width, then the diameter of the rim.

What pressure tractor tyres

There are a lot of variables for setting the correct pressure so check your tyre manufacturer's website for guidance.

How long do tractor tyres last

The answer to this question is complicated. This really depends on several factors. The surfaces you are driving on, the weather conditions in your region and the soil type. Moisture levels and soil type can heavily determine the wear on your tractor tyres. The best way to determine when your tyres need replacing is tyre slippage - this wastes fuel and eventually will become uneconomical on your current tyres.

How do you maintain tractor tyres

Generally, tractor tyres are quite long lasting, but there are ways to prolong their life. As with cars, wheel alignment is crucial for even wear on the tread. Also similar to cars is ensuring that the tyres are kept at the right pressure. There are a lot of variables for setting the correct pressure so check your tyre manufacturer's website for guidance.

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