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Golf Gti
18 - Jul -
The Brilliant MK2 Golf GTI Still Turning Heads

The owner of this iconic Volkswagen Golf GTI knows and understands the importance of regularly checking their wheel alignment. Regular checks help maximise fuel economy and reduce tyre wear as it cruises around with the power to turn heads

Jaguar XJS
26 - Jun -
1984 Jaguar XJS A Great British Cad or Great British Saint?

In perfect time for the summer sun, we have all been waiting for, this now classic 1984 Jaguar XJS 3.6 Litre convertible visited our Spalding Branch for a Four-Wheel Alignment. The vintage wooden steering wheel now pointing perfectly straight down the road with no unwanted pulling or wandering

Summer Car Checks
13 - Jun -
7 Essential Car Checks for A Summer of Fun

Before your summer getaway we would recommend that you run some basic car checks before setting off to keep you safe. You can do these checks yourself using our handy guide, or by booking into your local Bush Tyres branch and let us do it for you!

09 - May -
Keeping you Safe TPMS A Legal Requirement Since 2014

Tyre Pressure Monitoring (TPMS) sensors are an integral part of modern road safety. Since Nov 2014 TPMS sensors have been a legal requirement to be fitted to every new vehicle. Read more about TPMS sensors and their role in road safety in our latest news here.....

Wheel Alignment
02 - May -
Big V8 Camaro In for Wheel Alignment

Cruising the interstate highways of the USA or blasting down the B-Roads of Lincolnshire, wheel alignment is an important part of your vehicle maintenance. Read more about the importance of regular checks and find out more about this Chevrolet Camaro in our latest news here.

Wheel Balancing
18 - Apr -
Wheel Balancing on a Perfect Peugeot 205

This Peugeot 205 automatic visited our Boston Branch recently for Wheel Balancing. These centre-less “Pepperpot” style wheels can only be balanced on a balancing machine using a plate adapter. The adapter is needed as the wheels are unusual as they have no hole in the centre.

Aston Martin Vantage 007 tyre check
09 - Nov -
Incredible Limited-edition Aston Martin Vantage 007 Tyre Check

Even James Bond knows the importance of regular tyre checks, this 1 of 100 Limited-Editon Aston Martin Vantage-“007” visited our own tyre secret-agents at Skegness Branch for a FREE tyre check. To read more about this unique car and its special features, head over to our latest news page now.