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Big V8 Camaro In for Wheel Alignment

Article written by Bush Tyres Wheel Alignment

Perfect Wheel Alignment

At Bush Tyres, the “tracking” or Wheel Alignment settings of your vehicle can be adjusted. It doesn’t matter if it is an American classic like this one, or something a little more ordinary. If you want to ensure your car is getting the best fuel economy possible and maximise your tyre life, wheel alignment should be checked as per manufacturer recommendations at every tyre change, or at least twice per year, or every 5-6k miles. This is especially important if you develop any steering issues, if your steering wheel is not straight, or if you have had any major impacts with kerb stones or potholes.

V8 Camara

1988 Chevrolet Camaro (3rd Gen)

When it comes to big engine displacement, naturally aspirated V8 muscle cars from across the pond in America, are the benchmark for which other big V8’s are compared.  That is certainly true of this 5000cc V8 Camaro, because as engine blocks go, they don’t come much bigger. Manufactured in 1988 and registered here in the UK in 1989, this car is and will always be a rare sight and sound on our UK roads.

This customer’s car is a third generation Camaro produced between 1982-1992. One of the most striking aspects of this generation was the new curved glass rear screen, exploiting the recent advancements in auto glass design pioneered throughout the 1980s.

During the ten-year production run, over 1.5 million Camaros were eventually built and sold, with just over 96k made in the same year as our featured car.

With that growling V8 under the bonnet or hood as our American cousins would call it,  should the power from that mighty engine struggle through poor wheel alignment to transfer power through the tyres effectively, you essentially have a lack of muscle car.

This featured Camaro visited our Boston branch for a Wheel Alignment check. This multi-point check involves jacking the car up and inspecting all the major suspension components for signs of wear or damage. Once the check is complete, 3D imaging targets are mounted to the wheels to obtain the current alignment settings.

These settings can then be discussed with the owner before adjusting the steering angles back to manufacturer or customer selected specifications. Custom wheel alignment settings can be entered to maximise on road grip and driving performance, or alternatively, settings can also be entered to maximise both fuel economy and tyre life.


Free Wheel Alignment Check Voucher

Bush tyres have the most up to date information and manufacturer settings to optimise your Wheel Alignment. This ensures your new tyres will last as long as possible. At the same time, reducing your fuel bill and increasing efficiency. Ask our tyre experts to check your Wheel Alignment next time you change your tyres, or visit our website to book your FREE alignment check.

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