Michelin Cerexbib tyres fitted by our Sleaford Commercial team

Great team work from our 'Bushmobile' commercial tyre technicians at Sleaford when they were called upon to fit seven 1000/55R32 IF Michelin Cerexbib tyres. 


As well as fitting seven new Michelin tyres, they prolonged the tyre life of the remaining tyres on the Vredo Danmark VT4556 spreaders, by rotating them accordingly on each spreader.


Michelin Cerexbib | Bush TyresMichelin Cerexbib tyres have a larger footprint compared to a convential tyre of the same size. The larger footprint is achieved by extending the length rather than in width of the contact patch, enabling Cerexbib tyres to reduce soil compaction.

Cerexbib tyres utilise Michelins Ultraflex technology to, not only increase the footprint of the tyre but also to, enable the tyre to carry a higher load at reduced tyre pressures.


For more information on Michelin Cerexbib or any agricultural tyre call 08455 214222 or contact our nearest centre


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