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Pirelli P Zero A8A & A8B Tyres for LuxuryAston Martin DBX

Article written by Bush Tyres Pirelli P Zero tyres for Aston Martin DBX

The Aston Martin DBX is one of the most powerful vehicles Aston Martin have ever produced, and one of the most practical. This impressive Crossover SUV visited our Horncastle Pirelli Performance Centre (PPC) for a full set of Aston Martin specification P Zero tyres.

Pirelli P Zero A8A & A8B Tyres

Our Horncastle branch recently fitted this Aston Martin DBX with a full set of Pirelli P Zero tyres, 284/40ZR22 A8A on the front and 325/35ZR22 A8B on the rear, the largest diameter P Zero manufactured. The front tyres also feature Pirelli PNCS technology to help reduce road noise and improve driver comfort.

When choosing tyres for a high-performance car such as this Aston Martin DBX, it is nearly always logical to try and select the same tyres as the manufacturer did during the car’s development.

These Pirelli P Zero tyres carry the A8A and A8B marking, this shows the tyres were developed in partnership with Pirelli and Aston Martin directly to help deliver the best possible performance from the mighty DBX.

This also has some impressive challenges, not only in delivering outstanding grip during acceleration and braking, but also to minimise road noise and deliver the best handling characteristics for drivers fortunate enough to experience one of these super luxurious vehicles.

P Zero is Pirelli’s unique Ultra High Performance (UHP) product. It combines Pirelli’s knowledge from competitive Motorsport with their knowledge gained from alliances with all the top car manufacturers.

The tyres feature custom outer edge tread design to help keep a low rolling resistance, while the custom tread compounds also help improve wet performance and increase the life of the tyres. The inner tread with high silica content is also designed to offer improved wet grip, higher traction, and comfort.

Pirelli P Zero tyres for Aston Martin DBX

Pirelli P Zero tyres for Aston Martin DBX

2021 Aston Martin DBX

Released in 2020, the DBX is Aston Martin’s first luxury Crossover SUV. It’s a first to feature all the performance of a traditional Aston Martin, with the added comfort and convenience of a highly practical four door layout and a boot. The raised height also offers easy entry and exit and a more commanding view down the road while travelling at speed.

The DBX is the first car to be produced at the all-new St Athen assembly plant in Wales.

The DBX is related to the new Vantage in so much as it shares the same V8 engine and 9 speed gearbox, borrowed from the Mercedes AMG platform. A fantastic 4.0 V8 with twin turbochargers, giving an output of 542hp and 700Nm of toque. The DBX can accelerate from 0-62mph in 4.5 seconds and on to an incredible top speed of 181mph.

The car features an active transfer case that detects the torque and can direct drive to the front wheels when required. It also has Adaptive dampers and “triple-chamber” air springs as standard; these combine to offer a sublime ride in any situation and allow for a significant range of height adjustment if needed.

The speed and practicality of this car have made it the car of choice for the Formula 1 medical team since its launch. It was only replaced this 2023 season by the even more powerful DBX707 version.

If you have an Aston Martin DBX or any other high performance Crossover SUV, we can supply Pirelli P Zero Tyres at any of our 12 Pirelli Performance Centres. Tyres from all other tyre manufacturers are also available along with All Season and Winter tyre options for most types of vehicle. For more information or to speak to one of our Tyre Experts, call in at your local branch for a FREE tyre check.

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