The Michelin CrossGrip Tyre

Introducing the Michelin CrossGrip tyre - a multi-purpose tyre that is great on the road, on grass and in the snow.

The Michelin's CrossGrip Tyre is a multipurpose tyre which is suitable not only for the road, but also on grass, soil, mud and in snowy conditions. With a special rubber formula, the CrossGrip has been designed to be multi-purpose and suitable for year round use.

The tyre features a very long edge with an optimised tread pattern for excellent handling on snow and loose ground and a non-directional tread for excellent precision in forward and reverse gear. The tyre also features a very high load capacity for outstanding all-round performance.

Key features of the Michelin CrossGrip tyre at a glance:

  • Great for all 4 seasons
  • High load capacity
  • Exceptional handling and comfort
  • A special rubber formula designed for multi-purpose
  • Very long edge with an optimized tread pattern for good traction on snow
  • Non-directional tread for excellent precision in forward and reverse gear

The Michelin CrossGrip tyre is suitable for small tractors as well as telehandlers, backhoe loaders and skid steer loaders.

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