What to look for when choosing an agriculture vehicle service provider

It may not seem like a possibility when you take delivery of a new agricultural vehicle, but breakdowns can happen.

Whether you're running a brand-new fleet or are working with a tried and tested collection of older vehicles, it's best to plan ahead and make sure you're covered in the event of a breakdown. This will minimise your downtime and ensure that vehicle is back to work as quickly as possible.
Here are some tips for choosing an agriculture tow truck provider.

What does the provider offer?

Your needs may differ from the next person so investigate what individual providers offer and consider how that fits your needs. Compare providers to get an idea of what package fits you best.

Consider how you work

It's likely that you're up and working at dawn, so you need an agriculture tow truck provider that will be able to provide farm vehicle rescue at all hours of the day.

Bush Tyres operates a 24-hour free-phone breakdown service that's operated by experienced staff. This helps to minimise your downtime by ensuring you can get assistance and advice whenever you need it.

Use someone you can trust

There are plenty of agricultural assistance services that provide other services so look at who you're already using or consider a recommendation from someone else in the industry.

Look for the experts

It's important that you put your faith in someone with the expertise to get you up and running in the shortest time possible. While a 24/7 breakdown service and helpline are critical, you should consider how much the provider knows about your industry and how you operate too.

Look for a company that regularly publishes guides aimed at the agricultural industry, can provide specific advice even when they aren't called out, and come recommended by your peers. By ticking all these boxes, you can have peace of mind that you're working with experts who are going to look after you.

Ask for advice

Pick up the phone and speak to the companies providing farm breakdown assistance that you've shortlisted. Take this time to ask questions about what they offer, the most helpful companies will be more than happy to talk through this and give you any extra information you need to make your decision. If you have a query about something relating to your farm vehicles, now is the time to ask it too.

You might want some advice on reducing soil compaction or want to know the optimum tyre pressures for your vehicle. If a company can't answer these questions, then perhaps you need to look elsewhere for your breakdown assistance.

Cost vs your time

The cost of any farm vehicle breakdown service needs to be weighed up against the time and money you could lose if a vehicle breaks down. This is why fast, efficient breakdown services are so important. If your breakdown service couldn't rescue a farm vehicle for hours, maybe days, during peak season, that could impact your work and throw you off schedule.

Like with any service, do your research before you jump into an agreement with a company. You need to be able to choose a brand you can trust and see yourself working with on a long-term basis.

As well as its 24-hour free-phone breakdown service, Bush Tyres has a fleet of 50 24/7 on-call fitting vans for all your tyre needs and can provide genuine advice on everything from tyre and wheel equipment to pressures for optimum tyre performance. All fitters undergo constant training to ensure they care kept up-to-date with preventative services, recovery and ongoing maintenance.

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