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Wheel Alignment & MOT for 1991 Ford Sierra Sapphire COSWORTH 4×4

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This 1991 Ford Sierra Sapphire COSWORTH 4x4 visited Boston for a FREE alignment check.

1991 Ford Sierra Sapphire COSWORTH 4x4

The might of Fords motorsport in the 90s saw these COSWORTH engines find their way into “normal” family saloon cars. With the Ford Escort and then also the Sierra and eventually the Sierra Sapphire, 4 door family saloons.

In standard format the Sierra Sapphire was Britain’s second-best selling car in 1983, 1988 and 1989. It was even still the fifth best-selling car in 1992 nearly a decade later.

This COSWORTH version was one of these now legendary “sleeper cars” from the 90s. Nestled in amongst all the other standard cars, the only way you could really tell them apart was some bigger wheels and a lower ride height. The only other way was if one went flying past you on a B-road or while pulling away from the “traffic light GP” in record time.

The twin cam 16 valve engine was developed by COSWORTH racing from the standard T88 engine more commonly known as the “Pinto”. Cosworth agreed to make the engines on 2 conditions, the turbo charged unit for the road cars would produce a minimum of 204hp (not the 180hp that ford had suggested), and ford would have to buy 15k units overall.

The fact this engine ended up in a family saloon at all is due to this very fact, Ford had 5000+ engines more than it needed for the planned project, this touch of luck created this very line of cars that now hold true “Sleeper” legendary status here in the UK.

The Sierra COSWORTH was born, this owner’s car is a third generation which also benefits from the addition of four-wheel drive. The Sierra was produced all the way to 1992 when it was eventually replaced by the new Mondeo.

Wheel Alignment and MOT

The Sierrra visited Boston for an MOT and alignment check. Alignment checks are carried out completely free of charge. Alignment helps save fuel and maximises the life of your tyres by reducing unnecessary premature wear. You also benefit from peace of mind in knowing suspension bushes are all in good condition and the car drives as the makers intended. The car drives straight and true with no unwanted pulling whilst driving.

wheel alignment check ford sierra cosworth

This car also required an MOT, (Ministry of Transport Test). The MOT was first introduced in 1960 as series of very basic checks. Today’s test covers over 20 areas of safety including, Tyres, Brakes, Emissions, Body Structure and Diagnostics. If you have any concerns about your vehicle, here at Bush Tyres we can carry out several FREE checks throughout the year to keep your car in the best possible working condition.

Doing regular maintenance and keeping your car serviced regularly can help you avoid any avoidable surprises when the MOT comes around. The last time this car was tested was back in October 2019, having only done 3 miles since the last MOT, it was no surprise this car passed first time with no advisories. Let’s hope that the owner gets chance to drive this car a bit more now its fully back on the road. These cars were unstoppable when released and can still hold their own against much more powerful and modern alternatives when in the hands of an experienced driver.

Wheel alignment saves you money on fuel and tyres. Call in to one of our local depots for more information and alignment options for your vehicle. Alternatively, to book in for your free alignment check, use the link below.

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Bush Tyres can carry out MOT tests at our Norwich, Boston, Lincoln (ZR Tyres), Hull – Endyke Tyres, Hull- HIQ and Rotherham (Allround Tyres) Locations. To book in for your MOT, use the link below for our online booking page.

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