520/70R38 Mitas AC70 tyres fitted by Scunthorpe Depot

As well as fitting the Mitas AC70 tyres Scunthorpe Depot water ballasted the tyres to give extra weight to the tractor allowing for better traction.


A pair of 520/70R38 Mitas AC70 tyres were fitted and ballasted on a Fieldson tractor


 Mitas Agricultural Tyres

The Mitas brand offers a comprehensive range of radial and cross-ply tyres for tractors and trailers and a wide range of industrial, multipurpose tyres (MPT) and earth-mover tyres (OTR).


AC 70 G - Tractor radial

Wide grassland tyre with optimum road characteristics

The large, wide lug areas protect ground and plants

Stable, safe and comfortable running on the road, thanks to a wide tread area and large lug overlap in the tread centre

Economical thanks to low wear


AC 70 T

Wide traction tyre for heavy field work

Traction - Deep lugs provide greater traction in the field.

Self-cleaning - Outstanding self-cleaning between lugs reduces slip and improves pulling power

Deep high-grip lugs transmit traction, even on wet ground.

AC 70 G - Harvest radial

Economical tyre for gentle ground handling on harvesters.

High load capacities and low inflation pressures.

Minimized load placed on soil structure, thanks to the wide and even distribution of ground pressure.

Low vibration and smooth on-road ride when moving between fields.

Very productive and cost-efficient thanks to performance in the field and in transport.


What is water ballasting?

Ballasting is an economical way to increase the traction and ultimately the drawbar pull of a given tractor. Less slippage at the rear wheels saves on fuel and the same tractor could pull larger, heavier, implements.

Liquid tyre ballasting does what a no-clamp-on, hung or attached metal weight would do – it places the liquid ballast at the lowest center of gravity on the tractor. As the tractor is driven, the weight from the ballast liquid is maintained at the bottom of the tyre under all circumstances. The operator will notice a marked improvement in the solid feeling handling characteristics of the tractor. There is more weight to the tractor and so it has more inertia when moving and is more likely to absorb some of the bumps

 recently by our Scunthorpe Depot.

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