ADAS - Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Calibration

At Bush Tyres, we are proud of our investment in market leading technology for all areas of the business and we have recently upgraded our existing alignment system. Our latest addition is a state of the art digital system from Brainbee, for ADAS calibration & functionality. 

This advanced digital system will allow us to offer our customers both dynamic and static calibration/adjustment on 85% plus of cars using ADAS.

What is ADAS?

The acronym ADAS stands for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. These are intelligent systems inside a vehicle that are designed to help the driver when driving, and to make the driving experience safer. ADAS technologies offer software which will alert drivers to the potential of accidents and collisions, by implementing safeguards and even taking over control of the car.  ADAS can be used for information about traffic/road conditions (traffic jams, road closures) and can provide alternative route.

Areas of a car ADAS systems monitor | Bush Tyres

ADAS calibration is essential for maintaining the integrity of the safety systems in your car. These systems often rely on laser and sensor technology, as well as cameras, which can all be disturbed to some degree in different conditions. For example, a replacement windscreen may alter the position or angles of any sensors or cameras that sit within the screen, leading to the screen needing to be adjusted so that the ADAS continues to work correctly and efficiently. Also, with a reported increase of 20% in accidents in the final quarter of 2019 caused by potholes on the UK's roads (source: the RAC), it is easy to see why accessible digital calibration, or adjustment, is so important, particularly in rural areas.

Bush Tyres now has a state of the art ADAS calibration equipment. Our skilled technicians have been trained to the highest standards to qualify them to complete a calibration to manufacturers' requirements. 

To find out if our highly trained technicians can help you, please call now for a list of vehicles we are able to calibrate, on 01603 966399 or visit our Norwich Centre

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