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Pirelli P Zero AMS Tyres for Beautiful Aston Martin DB9 V12 Volante

Article written by Bush Tyres Pirelli P Zero AMS Tyres for Aston Martin DB9 V12 Volante

This immaculate Aston Martin DB9 “Volante” Morning Frost edition visited our Spalding Branch which was recently awarded ‘Gold’ standard as a Pirelli Performance Centre (PPC). The car had a full set of Pirelli P Zero AMS specification tyres fitted.

Aston Martin DB9 V12 Volante

The DB9 visited Spalding’s Pirelli Performance Centre (PPC), recently awarded “Gold” status along with all 12 PPC locations within the Bush Tyres Group.

In addition to Spalding confirming ‘Gold’ status, you may have also seen in our recent news Spalding’s Stefan Busby competed with all the national performance centres to take home the highly coveted “PPC Technician of the year” award. This is a great achievement, and you can be sure your car is in the best hands possible for your next tyre change.

Presented in the ‘Morning Frost’ special edition white finish, the colour was the brainchild of the then CEO of Aston Martin, Dr Ulrich Helmut Bez. The idea for the special finish with pearlescent white paint and the ‘sparkle’ effect looks ‘as crisp as frost on a cold winter’s morning’.

Pirelli P Zero AMS Tyres for Aston Martin DB9 V12 Volante

The photographs do not do this car justice, in person the effect is magical. If you are ever lucky enough to see one in person, the car appears to glisten in the sunlight like fresh fallen snow on a perfect Christmas morning.

The paint effect is no simple spray job, each car can take up to 50 hours to complete. Layering the paint in specific order through the shades to build up the depth of the effect. The car is then finished in a special lacquer to seal in the finished effect and give the paint its durability.

Pirelli P Zero AMS Tyres for Aston Martin DB9 V12 Volante

The DB9 was designed by Ian Callum CBE and Henrik Fisker. Aston skipped out the DB8 designation fearing consumers would assume it only had a V8 engine and not the mighty V12 synonymous with the iconic car maker. This facelifted 2013 model features a 5.9 Litre naturally aspirated V12 making 510hp and getting the car from 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds has a top speed of 183mph.

‘Volante’ is the name given to most convertible or ‘Drop Head’ Aston Martins since 1965 with the first example, the ‘Short Chassis Volante”. Volante is the Italian word for “Flying.” This is something these examples all create the effect of very effectively with the wind rushing around you as the mighty V12 propels you and your lucky passengers toward the horizon.

The DB9 Volante is already one of the most beautiful cars you will see on the road and a guaranteed future classic. This colour only enhances its exclusivity and confirms its chances of being a collectible classic.

Pirelli P Zero AMS Tyres

Pirelli‘s P Zero family of tyres are fitted to some of the world’s best sports and performance cars. Seen here in AMS specification, the fronts 245/35ZR20 PZERO AMS and the wider rear size 295/30ZR20 PZERO AMS.

These specific tyres carry the AMS stamp of approval, demonstrating that Pirelli and Aston Martin worked together in the process know as homologation to develop a tyre with the best possible performance and life for this incredible grand tourer.

The tyre helps the DB9 deliver the best possible driving experience for performance and comfort.

If you are fortunate enough to own an Aston Martin like this one, or if you need tyres for your daily driven cars. Bush Tyres has 12 gold rated PPC depots throughout the country. These PPC branches, along with the rest of the Bush Tyres Group are able to offer you the best advice on the right tyres for your own vehicle and specific driving requirements. Please call in to one of our local depots for a free tyre check or click below to start your tyre search online.

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