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Benefits of Narrow Row Crop Tyres & VF Technology

Article written by Bush Tyres Benefits of VF Technology & Narrow Row Crop Tyres

We are now well into the root crop and vegetable harvesting season, and most tractors being used for row crop work will already be equipped with narrow tyres and wheels, but it is still worth thinking about the benefits of using the optimum narrow tyres for the operation.

With emphasis on protecting soil health, fitting the correct narrow row crop tyres to tractors and farm machinery is more important than ever.

To cause the least amount of compaction and damage to soil, the tyres on tractors and other machinery need to operate at low inflation pressures. By choosing the correct tyres for the operation, the tyre inflation pressure can be optimised.

Row Crop Tyres

Narrow row crop tyres, by definition, are the opposite of wide flotation tyres, but by choosing the optimum size and type of tyre for the application and inflating to the correct pressure it is possible to operate with relatively low ground pressure.

Depending on the crops grown and the stage of growth, the first thing to consider is the width of tyre required. The tyre must be the correct width to fit between the plants, ridges, or beds, and as we are talking about harvesting, we need to allow for fully grown plants, but for low ground pressure choose the widest tyre possible.

The next thing to consider is the diameter of the row crop tyre. For several reasons, it is advisable to choose the largest diameter tyre available, that will fit onto the tractor with sufficient clearance for the fuel tank, steps, and fenders.

Usually, the row crop tyre diameter will be the same diameter as the original equipment tyres, but sometimes it is possible to fit tyres larger in diameter than the original tyres. A large diameter tyre will give optimum ride height and clearance underneath the tractor, which is most important when working in ridges or beds.

Also, a large diameter tyre when inflated correctly will have a longer footprint area (contact patch) giving lower ground pressure, plus, with more tyre tread bars in contact with the soil traction will be improved.

VF Technology

As tractors being used for row crop work are relatively large and heavy, there is a strong argument for fitting VF technology tyres.

VF technology allows low tyre pressures which creates a larger footprint to spread the load, greatly reducing soil compaction.

The pressure of VF tyres can be lowered by 40% compared to standard tyres, even when carrying the same load. This spreads the weight of the vehicle over a larger surface area and reduces soil compaction. While the width may be very similar, the footprint is extended front to rear (in an oval shape), within the committed trackway of the tyre, therefore achieving a larger footprint.

VF technology gives the ability to carry 40% more load than a standard tyre at the same pressure.

This means you can travel at the same speed and same pressure as a standard tyre but with 40% more load! What’s not to like about that? Carrying more load means fewer transport trips on the road. You gain time and reduce operating costs.

VF technology also offers time and fuel savings. The more flexible construction of the tyre makes it possible to transition from field to road and vice versa without adjusting the pressure. At the reduced pressure required for field use, the tyre can also run at full speed on the road yet deliver the same fuel efficiencies as a standard tyre at road pressure.

If you are looking to take advantage of the benefits that VF tyre technology could offer you and your farm, take a look at the VDR 900, a VF tractor drive radial tyre recently released by Ascenso Tyres.

Not only is the range cost effective but the tyres are built to handle 40% more load than a conventional radial tyre, or the same load at 40% lower pressure.

They also feature stronger lugs with a larger contact patch to give excellent traction, self-cleaning characteristics which decreases slippage and delivers lower fuel consumption and increases overall productivity.

The Ascenso VDR 900 benefits from steel belts which offer puncture protection and distributes uniform ground pressure to help lessen soil compaction and crop damage. Reinforced sidewalls and bead zones also offer increased casing stiffness to carry extra load.

The more radially stiffer tyre makes it possible to transition from field to road and vice versa without adjusting the pressure. At the reduced pressure required for field use, the tyre can also run at full speed on the road yet deliver the same fuel efficiencies as a standard tyre at road pressure.

The VDR 900 comes in a range of narrow row crop sizes, suitable for self-propelled sprayers, tractors with mounted sprayers, and tractors used for other inter-row operations:

  • 580/85R42 VF Steel Belted
  • 380/90R46 VF Steel Belted
  • 520/85R46 VF Steel Belted
  • 320/90R50 VF Steel Belted
  • 380/90R50 VF Steel Belted
  • 480/80R50 VF Steel Belted
  • 320/90R54 VF Steel Belted

Visit the Ascenso Tyres UK website for more information about the Ascenso range.

Agricultural Wheels & Tyres

Bush Tyres have many years of experience in supplying wheels and tyres to suit all makes and model of tractors, sprayers, harvesters, trailers and implements. We can supply standard size tractor wheels, row crop wheels, wide and flotation wheels, wheels for turf tyres and dual wheels.

We also stock a wide range of replacement implement wheels. Contact your local branch for advice and recommendations to convert to row crop tyres, flotation tyres, VF tyres and turf tyres.

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