The benefits of maintaining correct tyre pressures?

The majority of motorists are unaware of how many benefits they stand to gain by making sure their tyres are set to the correct pressure. Many are unaware of the dangers linked to inaccurate tyre pressures which can plague drivers with a host of issues.

‘The advantages of accurate tyre pressures' include better road safety, improved fuel efficiency and prolonged tyre life. Drivers and their passengers can rest assured that they will have a safer journey thanks to correct tyre pressures – this is mainly because the vehicle's handling and the tyres' grip on the road will be improved if the tyre pressures are set correctly to the manufacturers specifications. The tyres will also aid in maintaining shorter breaking distances and offer a reduced chance of aquaplaning. Lower fuel costs are guaranteed too, because less force is required to rotate them when the tyre pressures are correctly-inflated. This means a car will use less petrol or diesel as a result.

‘Environmental benefits', Not only is this great news for every driver's wallet, but it also means the environment will reap the benefits thanks to a reduction in carbon monoxide emissions. Add to this, one simple tyre check can make your tyres go the distance, so you don't have to replace them more often than required. Those tyres which aren't kept at the right pressure will tend to wear out far more quickly.

"Using Bush Tyres......drivers can be sure they
are getting the best out of their tyres" 

Other dangers associated with incorrectly set tyre pressures.
Tyres which are under-inflated will have a tendency to overheat & will reduce the ‘contact patch of the tread with the road, as opposed to over-inflated tyres which can make the handling of a vehicle very difficult because there is less tyre tread area on the road.
Other issues include a higher chance of sustaining severe damage to your tyres as a result of incorrect tyre pressure which could be costly.

‘To avoid these problems', drivers should check their tyre pressure frequently.
If you don't want to check them yourself, call into any of our tyre centres to have a free tyre pressure check & inspection.

'When to check' To get the maximum benefits from any tyres, it is important to check the pressures a minimum of once a month, or especially prior to long journeys and when the vehicle's load is to be varied. This is because, & unbeknown to many motorists, the tyre in normal use flexes a lot in all directions and because of this the air gradually escapes from the tyre - even if it is just a small amount, thus reducing the tyre pressure.


‘The correct pressure for any tyre' is worked out by calculating the amount of air pumped into the inner lining of the tyre in psi or bar pressure. This can be checked in a matter of minutes with the right equipment, by means of a tyre pressure gauge. Anyone giving it a try will need to know their car's correct pressure rating as well as having access to an accurate pressure gauge and air pump. This may sound like a difficult task, but it doesn't have to be. All car's, especially after 2012, will have a pressure chart sticker on the car. This will either be on the door jams (visible when the door is open) or inside the fuel filler cap flap. Sometimes there will be multiple choices of tyre pressures on the chart.
The first thing to do is look for the tyre size on the chart that matches the tyre size on the vehicle's wheels. (Note: look at the tyre itself for this information rather than the handbook).
The next thing to do is look at what load is expected to be carried in the car. Once determined, look at the tyre pressure for the load required that is located under both the front & the rear wheels on the chart. Most cars have a different tyre pressure for the front wheels compared to the rear wheels.

'Make it easy' Local tyre specialist Bush Tyres offer customers a free service to make sure their tyres are set to the correct tyre pressure by Make, Model and Year. A spokesman for Bush Tyres said: "Visitors to Bush Tyres can get accurate tyre pressure data for almost all vehicles on the road today. By using Bush Tyres and completing the necessary checks, drivers can be sure they are getting the best out of their tyres".

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