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Summer Car Checks
13 - Jun -
7 Essential Car Checks for A Summer of Fun

Before your summer getaway we would recommend that you run some basic car checks before setting off to keep you safe. You can do these checks yourself using our handy guide, or by booking into your local Bush Tyres branch and let us do it for you!

09 - May -
Keeping you Safe TPMS A Legal Requirement Since 2014

Tyre Pressure Monitoring (TPMS) sensors are an integral part of modern road safety. Since Nov 2014 TPMS sensors have been a legal requirement to be fitted to every new vehicle. Read more about TPMS sensors and their role in road safety in our latest news here.....

28 - Nov -
Santa’s Sleigh visits Bush Tyres Spalding

In preporation for Santa's busiest time of year he sent his specially modified sleigh into our Spalding centre to have the tyre pressures & tyre condition checked.To make sure you are ready for the winter months ahead, call into any of our centres so that our staff can make sure your vehicle is ready for the cold months ahead. 

07 - Jun -
Tyre Pressure – why is it so important?

As drivers we should all know that having the correct tyre pressure is important, but do we know why and what the consequences can be?Tyres by their very nature are porous and air will leak out through the casing itself, albeit very slowly, or through the valve over time, again very slowly.Always fit dust caps to the valves to stop dirt getting into the mechanism and it also acts as the last thing t