Anglia Farmers

Anglia Farmers Limited | Bush TyresAnglia Farmers Limited (AF) have a blend of industry and product specialists who have unique access to market information and commodity pricing, allowing them to leverage advantage for their members. Combining industry knowledge with market intelligence AF are able to ensure their members are as informed as possible to help them make the best decisions possible for their business.

AF extends beyond simply a price driven offering. Their commitment to delivering value and helping improve business performance is highlighted by their ability to optimise operations to maximise speed and efficiency within the supply chain. Working collaboratively with manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and consumers, AF help increase efficiency and reduce costs, benefitting all parties.

Understanding their members' needs is at the core of AF. Using these individual requirements allows them to work closely with their key suppliers to help members purchase strategically including forward fixing as well as commitment pools. Additionally, AF can help members manage cash flow by offering deferred payment.

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