Goodride Tyres - the Simple Choice

Goodride produce a wide range of quality car, high performance, 4x4 and SUV, van and taxi tyres, designed and priced with reliability and value in mind.

With an extensive product range, covering all sectors of the car tyre market, Goodride are continually investing in developing their production capacity, range and brand to be the leading force in the quality tyre market.

Goodride car, van & 4x4 & SUV tyres are covered by an Accidental Tyre Damage Guarantee giving you peace of mind in case your tyre is damaged beyond repair.

Our range of Goodride tyre patterns

  • SL369

    A reliable SUV and 4x4 tyre for on or off road use, the SL369 has a wide tread pattern to increase surface area tread to enhance both on and off road traction.

  • RP28

    A premium tyre for a comfortable ride on smaller saloons, the RP28 is a low noise tyre with excellent water drainage.

  • SC328 Taxi

    A quality reliable taxi tyre designed especially for the demanding requirements of black cabs.

  • SU318

    An all terrain tyre for SUV and 4x4 vehicles the SU318 integrates outstanding on road comfort and wet traction safely as a whole.

  • SC301

    A durable van tyre designed especially for handling heavier loads.

  • SC328

    A quality and reliable van tyre covering all the major fitments for these vehicles.

  • SV308

    A premium performance tyre for high performance vehicles, the SV308 uses an all season silica base compound for improving wet and dry traction without sacrificing treadwear.

  • SA57
    ZC Rubber who make Goodride Tyres are the 11th largest tyre manufacturer in the world - manufacturing tyres to an incredibly high standard
  • SA07

    A premium performance tyres for ultra high performance vehicles.  The SA07 provides superior handling control and enhanced cornering, whilst the circumferential grooves ensure quick and efficient water evacuation.

  • SA37

    The SA37 is an exciting new generation of asymmetric ultra high performance tyres for summer use, offering a silica tech compound which helps to enhance wet grip and provides shorter braking distances.

  • H188
    Quality Tyre

History of Goodride tyres

Goodride is the flagship tyre brand produced by Hangzhou Zhongce, China's largest tyre manufacturer and the world's10th largest manufacturer.  Founded in 1958, the company is the fastest growing manufacturer in China.

With an extensive product range covering all sectors of the the car tyre market, Goodride is continually investing in developing its production capacity, range and brand offer to be the leading force in the quality tyres market.

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