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4 New Avon Tyres Delights Morgan Sports Car Owner

Article written by Bush Tyres Avon Tyres on Morgan Sports Car

New Avon Tyres Sets of Beautiful Morgan

It was Kings Lynn Depot’s turn to dust off the wooden wire wheel spinner. This time for this stunning Morgan +4 sports car, visiting us for a new pair of Avon Tyres. Despite this car’s classic looks you may well be surprised to learn that this Morgan was manufactured in 2011.  This makes this a relatively new car, but you have to agree it has the heart and soul of a much older classic sports car.

When something’s not broken, don’t fix it, and we believe that’s why the Morgan Motor Company has not changed the basic design of this car for over 60 years.

Morgan at Kings Lynn

Morgan Motor Company

The Morgan Motors, despite its now Italian ownership, is still based in its Pickersleigh Road factory in Malvern, Worcestershire. Morgan may well now be owned by an Italian company but it will always remain quintisentionally british.

A Strong Heritage

In keeping with the British theme, the owner chose Avon Tyres as the replacements for their worn rear tyres. The last truly “British” Avon Tyres were produced in 2023, less than a hundred miles down the road from Malvern in Melksham, Wiltshire.

The Avon Tyre brand has been owned by The Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. since 2021 and moved most of its production to Serbia way back in 2018. The tyres are still built using some of the British designs and technology.

Avon Tyres were also chosen from factory as the reference tyre for historic British Cars such as Rolls Royce and Bentley. Avon tyres with their rich motor sport history have featured in many competitions across multiple disciplines and helped break countless motor sport records over the years.

Classic Lines

The company have been producing sports cars since it was founded in 1910, over 114 years ago. In this time the cars haven’t changed much at all. They are still hand built using the same traditional way they always have been. Employing over 250 people and owned and operated by the Morgan family up to 2019. The Morgan family still hold a small share of the ownership to this day.

The company has famously rejected calls for modernisation over the years, arguing that the traditional methods and the nature of the cars is what causes the appeal. This is demonstrated by a famously long waiting list, with owners waiting patiently for several years before taking delivery of their brand new “old cars”.

This model is a, Morgan + 4, first introduced in 1950. A larger engine model compared to the 4/4. Which is where the “plus” designation comes from. The engine is a 4-cylinder petrol, producing over 150hp. This may not sound a lot compared to modern day cars, however in a small car made primarily of timber and light weight body panels, this leads to a unique motoring experience.

It is a time machine, essentially transporting drivers back to the glory days of the classic British Sports Car. There is a new model promised for the next generation. The all new “Plus Four” sits on a unique bonded aluminium platform known as the CX- Generation and power now comes from a more modern 2.0L BMW Twin Power engine with over 250hp.

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