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Stunning Camaro Gets 4 New Goodride Tyres Fitted

Article written by Bush Tyres Camaro SS

2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS rolls into our Boston Depot

This head turning Chevrolet Camaro pulled into our Bush Tyres Boston depot with its customary low burbling V8 rumble.  This muscle car is a 5th generation example of the Camaro, featuring a 6.2L V8 engine and developing over 400hp. This car can get from 0-60mph in under 5 seconds and run to a top speed of over 180mph.

With all 400hp potentially going through the wheels choosing the right tyres so that you can make use of all the cars available power is a must. That’s why to the fronts we fitted a pair of Goodride 265/35ZR/22 and to the rear a pair of larger 285/35ZR/22.

These tyres help to give the car its famous ultra-wide rear stance and they fill the arches to perfection. The car looks great, and that 285 rear section width also helps the car deliver all the power from the mighty V8 engine to the road.

The Camaro has famously featured in many films and tv shows. Most famously this model was featured in the Transformers movies, the hero character “Bumblebee” first appears as a 1977 Camaro, before dramatically updating himself into the 2006-8 concept vision. The retro styling of the 70s car re-born into a modern classic.

The 2010 model has had a cult following ever since, bringing the classic to a new audience. Interestingly, for those of us not old enough to remember the original series, Bumblebee was in fact a VW Beetle. That car was deemed to be too much like another famous VW Beetle, “Herbie” Michael Bay the Transformers film’s director then chose the all-new Camaro concept to be the ‘hero’ car.

The vast majority of cinema goers who have seen the Transformers films in all their instalments will agree that Michael Bay made the correct decision by choosing the Camaro for the pivotable role of Bumblebee.

The name Camaro was chosen by Chevrolet for their first-generation car back in 1966. The car was a “pony car” so named after the group of cars set to compete with the success of the Ford Mustang. The car was built from 1966-2002 and then re-born again in 2009 after a 7-year gap.

The name Camaro was conceived by Chevrolet’s merchandising manager Bob Lund and General Motors vice president Ed Rollett. They were both inspired by a French and English Dictionary. ‘Camaro’ loosely translating to “friend”, “pal” or “Comrade.” A suitable sentiment for a car designed to be more than just a machine to get you from one place to another. This can be seen through the close connection owners seem to have to their beloved Camaros.

4 New Camaro Tyres

Why Goodride Tyres

Manufactured by the ZC corporation, Goodride tyres produce a wide range of quality car, high performance, 4×4 and SUV, van, and taxi tyres, designed and priced with reliability and value in mind. With an extensive product range, covering all sectors of the car tyre market, Goodride are continually investing in developing their production capacity, range, and brand to be the leading force in the quality tyre market.

If you have a future American classic or any other car, Goodride car, van, 4×4 & SUV tyres are backed by a full accidental damage cover giving your total peace of  mind should your tyre be damaged beyond repair, this will ensure you get the most life and use from your investment. Learn more about the guarantee on our main website by clicking here or by calling into your local depot for more information.

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