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Landrover chose CrossContact 2024 tyres for new Defender

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Continental CrossContact RX LR

The CrossContact RX was selected by Land Rover for original equipment supply on their range of new Defenders. Launched in 2020 the new Defender was a highly anticipated update of Land Rover’s classic design first seen way back in 1984!  The CrossContact RX is designated as a 90/10 on/off-road tyre. Many Defenders because of their levels of luxury and practicality will rarely see any off road use which is why this tyre is primarily designed for comfort and durability on road.

However, that doesn’t mean that this tyre cannot handle getting muddy. The tyre does offer some additional off-road traction with strong grip compared to other Ultra High Performance (UHP)-SUV tyres. With the CrossContact RX you can rely on excellent wet traction and braking on slippery roads.

The tyre is ideally suited to crossovers and SUVs such as this Defender. The RX also provides a quieter and more comfortable ride over more aggressive all terrain variants. The grooves known as sipes within the tread pattern contribute to the tyre’s additional traction even in light snow conditions. The CrossContact RX is designated as an Electric Vehicle suitable tyre (EV). This means the tyre has been constructed with Hybrid and EV vehicles in mind.

The production methods and compounds used are better suited for these types of vehicles but can still be fitted to conventional petrol and diesel powered vehicles.

LR marking?

The “LR” marking on the sidewall of the tyre tells us that Continental and Land Rover have worked closely together on the design and production of this tyre for specific use on this vehicle. This process, known as Homologation, ensures the tyres performs at their best when used on Land Rover vehicles. The tyre is engineered to reduce any unwanted road noise and enhance the overall handling characteristics due to Continental’s unique design. These tyres can also be used on other vehicles, but when they are coupled with the vehicle they were designed for, they will deliver greatly enhanced performance.

This tyre is also carrying the letters “FR” on its labels, this stands for “Felgenrippen” or “Flange Rim” in English. Continental Tyres that have these two letters have added rim protection around the sidewall of the tyres. This can help reduce the risk of damaging your alloy wheels and save you money on an expensive wheel refurbishment. The protection also allows some smaller cuts to be absorbed by the ring. Avoiding deeper cuts that could otherwise expose chorded material below the rubber.

If you spot this type of damage on your tyres you should visit our tyre experts and have the tyre inspected. Any chorded material visible could result in a potentially dangerous tyre failure or “Blow Out” and could also give you 3 points on your licence and a fine of up-to £2500 per tyre. Just call in to one of our local branches for your FREE tyre check.

When you are looking for new OE (original equipment) tyres and want to learn more about manufacturer specific markings, head into one of our branches and speak to our tyre experts. Remember should you spot any cuts or tears in your tyres tread or sidewall; our tyre experts can inspect your tyres for FREE.

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