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Bush Tyres DPF Regeneration Machine Will Save You 100’s of Pounds

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Diesel Particulate Filter & DPF Regeneration

In 2018, a number of significant changes to the MOT test were introduced across the United Kingdom to include tougher scrutiny of diesel cars. One requirement was to have a properly fitted and working Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). More recently to combat harmful emissions tighter controls have been introduced when driving to reduce particulates being released into the atmosphere. As a consequence of this, driving without a working DPF could incur a £1000 fine.

The particulate filter system is designed to work most efficiently when there is a mixture of driving types. Typically, during a period of maintained high speed driving such as a long motorway journey, the cars on board computer system will conduct a DPF regeneration procedure. During this process high temperatures are used to destroy the harmful particulates and soot captured in the DPF.

Many diesel cars don’t get the opportunity to be driven on a motorway or fast road, if you have done a lot of city driving at generally lower speeds, your system may not be operating correctly. With most makes and models there is the option to try a forced DPF regeneration process, activating this process can help keep the system clean and performing as it should. The car will then emit these deposits from your exhaust.

If this process is unsuccessful, sensors in the exhaust that measure pressure will trigger a warning light that will be illuminated on the dashboard. Historically this would have meant either a replacement DPF or at the least a complete removal of the DPF followed by industrial cleaning of the unit on a specialist high-pressure chemical washer.

At Bush tyres we can check the operation and condition of your DPF

Bush Tyres have recently installed the Fortron Injector Max machine at the Boston and Endyke Tyres- Hull locations. The Injector Max | Fortron machine is a 6 in 1 cleaning system that can not only remove problematic deposits from your DPF, but it also has the ability to clean combustion chambers, injectors, throttle bodies, inlet valves, EGR (Exhaust Gate Re-circulation) valves, as wells as manifolds for petrol and diesel engines. This eliminates the need for DPF removal.

The Injector Max system can also clean and restore original fuel flow, allowing maximum fuel efficiency.

The DPF regeneration machine allows the filter to be cleaned without all the expense of removing the system. The high-pressure cleaning lines connect through the pressure sensor port. The cleaning solution is applied under high pressure. Considering the average cost for DPF removal and cleaning is around £350-500 this is a great money saving solution for DPF issues.

The system can also be used to clear many other components from the vehicle. Saving time and ultimately saving customers money!

DPF Warning light

If you have any engine or DPF warning lights illuminated on your dashboard. Call into any bush location for an initial diagnostic. If the DPF is showing a fault, it could be due for a forced regeneration or may require further cleaning. Diagnostics can be conducted at most locations and the DPF regeneration service is currently available at our Boston and Endyke Tyres-Hull locations. Call either our Boston depot on 01205 535966 or Endyke Tyres on 01482 764261

For more information or to book your DPF regeneration appointment please click on the button below.

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You can see the machine in operation herein this you tube video from the manufacturer: CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO

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