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1100bhp BMW Monster gets new tracking geometry set up from Bush Tyres

Article written by Bush Tyres BMW in for tracking

This BMW M4 is tracking all way to the top

This highly modified G82 M4 is no ordinary build project.  This car develops over 1100bhp! All that power is wasted though, without the correct tracking setup, otherwise known as wheel alignment. At Bush Tyres we offer a free tracking alignment check to ensure that you get the very best performance from your car.

The BMW M4 featured here, when it left the German engineering wizards at the M-Sport division was already a very capable car in its standard form. The car rolled out of their workshop with over 500hp with the BMW xDrive all-wheel drive system. The optional competition package included enhanced springs, dampers and roll bars, as well as a re-tuned electronic differential and Dynamic Stability Control to match the upgraded hardware options. The power is delivered to the wheels through an 8 speed fully automatic M Steptronic Sport transmission.

Monster MSport engine

This G82 however is no ordinary M4, having been transformed into a full-blown supercar by the team at Evolve Automotive in Luton and with major enhancements also carried out by Darlington’s very own Mr Vanos. Bush Tyres in Darlington were privileged to be asked to carry out a full geometry check, and then set the tracking to a fast road/race settings. This tracking adjustment was part of the M4’s preparation for a drag competition event in Germany at the Race.1000.

Despite having some early issues with fuelling and poor weather at times throughout the competition, the event was still a major success. The car achieved an eye watering top speed of 294.11kmh 183.82mph and a ½ mile time of 14.988 seconds.

Despite not recording the fastest VMAX, the 1/2-mile time was the fastest recorded on the day, even quicker than other cars with 1400 and 1500hp!  The car also delivered a victory in the 1/8-mile knockout rounds and performed well in the ¼ mile events.

full tracking


Four-Wheel Alignment

Although our team at Bush Tyres Darlington can’t take full credit for the car’s performance. The tracking adjustment which formed part of the overall race preparation was an important part of the process. Without the car’s tracking being setup to maximise the contact patch of the tyre to the road/track, the car would not have been able to gain traction as effectively. This would have reduced the overall performance, and the results could have been very different had the team not set the car up to maximise the power available from the engine.

BMW M4 tracking

Wheel Alignment or tracking should be checked at every tyre change or every 5000 miles. At Bush Tyres you only ever pay for any adjustments needed following a free tracking check. Once the  initial report detailing the current tracking geometry is fed back to the customer, it is then up to them to decide if they want to proceed with the adjustments to bring the vehicle’s tracking back the the manufacturers specification.

Carwow – 1000hhp M4 v M1000RR: DRAG RACE

For the eagle eyed amongst you, many of you might recognise this iconic car from its various features on the Carwow youtube channel hosted by Mr Matt Watson. This M4 took on the runway challenge against a very fast BMW motorbike, the M1000RR. To put it into perspective this motorbike has a top speed of over 314 kmh that’s 196.25 mph. Developing 212hp from its 192kg lightweight package. Being no slouch with a 0-62 time of under 3.0 seconds, as you will see from their race video, once the M4 was set up correctly, this hugely impressive motorbike didn’t stand a chance.

Click here to watch the video.

The optimum tracking geometry certainly played a large part in helping this M4 to victory at Race.1000. Without doubt anticipation amongst petrol heads is building as they wait to see what  Evolve, and Mr Vanos have been developing for their next project car.

You don’t have to own a 1100bhp drag racer or super car to see the benefits of having your vehicle’s tracking checked and re-aligned if necessary. At Bush Tyres can optimise your tracking geometry and save you money on lower fuel bills due to a lower rolling resistance .

Please call into one of our local branches for more information. Or click the button below to book your free tracking check.


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