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Pirelli PZERO Tyres for Stunning Dolomite Silver Porsche Cayenne Coupe

Article written by Bush Tyres Pirelli PZERO Tyres for Stunning Dolomite Silver Porsche Cayenne Coupe

This stunning Dolomite Silver Porsche Cayenne Coupe visited our Horncastle branch, one of our 12, 'GOLD' Pirelli Performance centres, and 4x4 club. The car had a full set of 285/35ZR22 front and 315/30ZR22 rear, Pirelli PZero “N” rated tyres, along with black balance weights.

Pirelli PZero “N” Rated Tyres

These huge 22-inch wheels were fitted with 285/35ZR22 front tyres and 315/30ZR22 rear tyres. The challenge for tyre manufacturers is to make these giant, low-profile, high-performance tyres able to deal with the car’s high performance at the same time as managing the extreme forces created by the weight of the car and the pressure this creates under braking.

Pirelli PZERO Tyres for Stunning Dolomite Silver Porsche Cayenne Coupe

Pirelli worked closely with Porsche in developing the PZERO for this application. Working closely through the homologation process leads to Pirelli designating the “N” marking on these tyres.

This shows that Pirelli and Porsche worked in conjunction to produce a tyre that is designed for the specific needs of the Cayenne.

The result? An incredible UHP tyre that not only grips well in almost all conditions but that also reduces any negative handling characteristics that could be experienced with lower specification tyres.

Pirelli PZERO Tyres for Stunning Dolomite Silver Porsche Cayenne Coupe

Pirelli Performance Centre, 4x4 club

Bush Tyres currently have 12 Pirelli Performance Centres (PPC) within the group, all 12 have just achieved the highest award, GOLD standard in the most recent ‘PPC Audits’.

Bush Tyres are very proud to be a partner of the Pirelli Performance Centre network with our approved centres across the country.


To join the Pirelli Performance Centre programme, a tyre retailer must meet a set of required high standards and complete technical audits to ensure Pirelli tyres are fitted only as they should be – perfectly every time. The branches are audited regularly to maintain their status. This sets Bush tyres out ahead of the competition by offering the highest levels of fitting service available.

As the owner of this Cayenne was also a member of the Porsche owners club of GB, they could also benefit from the fantastic cash back offer.

This is an offer exclusively from Pirelli, when purchasing 2 or more Pirelli tyres from a PPC, the owner can claim directly from the Pirelli website up-to a total of £120 per set of tyres*

The Horncastle tyre fitting team also fitted black balance weights, giving that extra attention to detail for the perfect finish. This enhances the overall look of the car by effectively hiding the weighs for the ultimate in ‘clean look’ on the wheel.

*claim amount depends on quantity and size of tyres purchased, full details here.

With customer service and the ability to give the highest level of technical know-how valued by Pirelli’s expert auditors, you can be assured you will find our teams welcoming, informative and knowledgeable. If you are looking for Pirelli tyres for your Porsche, or any other car. Click below to find out more and locate your nearest Pirelli Performance Centre.

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