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4 Refurbished Alloy Wheels For a Stunning Future Classic

Article written by Bush Tyres Refurbished Alloy Wheels

Refurbished Alloy Wheels Sets Off Restoration

The proud owner of this Mk2 VW Golf was beside himself with joy when he came to collect his alloy wheels that he had tasked our Bush Tyres Scunthorpe depot to refurbish. In addition the team fitted 4 Yokohama A539 tyres which really set the alloy wheels off.

Caring For Your Alloys

It’s not always easy keeping your prized alloy wheels looking in tip top condition. Curbs seem to jump out at them, stones flick up on them and salt and debris from the road corrodes them. So what to do when they’re past their best. Do you bite the bullet and have them all replaced for huge sums of money or…… Do you take them to Bush Tyres and come home with a set of refurbished alloy wheels?

Well this owner chose the later and what a great choice he made. Nowadays you are no longer limited to just silver and shades of gun metal grey. Your refurbished alloy wheels can be matched to any colour you want from Iron man’s red armour to your wife’s favourite eye shadow. As you can see from the photo, the gloss black refurbished alloy wheels that the owner chose look stunning.

Finding the balance

This owner’s car is fully restored and has had some distinctive modifications made, this gives the car that fantastic road presence, we think it looks great, even when standing still. The refurbished alloy wheels and tyres finish off the look of the car to perfection. From the attention to detail of the immaculately finished wheels, down to the tyre choice, and the colour matched balance weights. We hope you agree the fitting team at Bush Tyres Scunthorpe have done a great job on this for the owner of the car.

The Yokohama A539 tyres have a distinctive asymmetric pattern, immediately recognisable by those that know them. The tyre is a very popular choice for many classic cars such as original Minis and classic VW models like this featured car. Fitted here in 185/60HR13, the A539 is an all-round sporty tyre, offering ‘Sure Grip’ technology in the wet using advanced silica compounds to ensure traction, even in the most challenging circumstances.

The tyre also has low noise and enhanced comfort giving higher user satisfaction. The Yokohama is durable and tough to give a longer lasting superior performance. So when the car is shown off at various VW Golf owners club events, not only will it look great whilst on show but also look amazing as it drives past you on the motor way with that gorgeous paint job and glistening black refurbished alloy wheels.

How We Can Help

At Bush Tyres we can arrange for your wheels to be finished in a wide range of original equipment (OE) colours, or colour matched to anything your heart desires.

Head down to your nearest Bush Tyres branch and speak to someone there about pricing and availability. Time your wheel refurb with a tyre change like this owner has and you’ll save more money by not having to pay twice for the wheels to be stripped. Our specialists can also supply silver or black wheel weights, these can also be finished to match the colour of the wheel for the ultimate clean look. Our wheel balancers can also be set to “hide” the weights behind spokes if your wheel design allows this.

You may well, whilst walking past parked cars notice the balancing weights on view within the spokes on some alloy wheels. What that tells you is that they weren’t fitted by Bush Tyres.

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