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New Toyo Proxes for Legendary 1986 Audi Quattro

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In The Presence of Greatness

Our Bush Tyres Grimsby branch recently fitted this beautiful Audi Quattro with a full set of Toyo Proxes TR1 tyres, saving the customer time and money over the now harder to find original Pirelli option.

“Fire up the Quattro”!

The vast majority of petrol heads will have, at some point or another, felt the desire to drive the classic Audi Quattro just like this one. As a star of TV shows such as Ashes to Ashes and with many rally victories under its belt this car is truly a modern classic.

The Quattro is a car that almost needs no introduction. Originally a concept first proposed in 1977 by Audi Chassis engineer Jörg Bensinger. After he observed the abilities of all wheel drive military vehicles in the snow and wanting to apply that concept to a road car. The Quattro system made its debut on an Audi 80 before making its way into nearly the entire Audi range as a factory option.

This 1986 coupe is powered by a 2,1 litre, 5-cylinder, 10 valve engine with a turbocharger and intercooler. The car develops 197hp and 285Nm of torque. With its all-wheel drive system, the car is able to get from 0-60 in under 7.1 seconds and has a top speed of 137mph.

Parts of the car were hand built on its own dedicated production line. Over 11k units were produced in a run from 1980-1991. Except some changes to the dash and other minor tweaks, the iconic design was left unchanged for nearly the entire production run.

Original tyres for this car are still available, but in this case the original specification called for 215/50VR15 Pirelli. These are still produced in small batches, and are often on a back order, when available, the cost increases as the market for them gets smaller each year. Changing from Pirelli to Toyo as a customer provides greater peace of mind that should you suffer a puncture or damage your tyre, and need a replacement tyre quickly. Toyo’s tyres are far more readily available than the more expensive Pirelli.

Not only a regular Bush Tyres stock item, but in this case the Toyo is a slightly wider 225/50VR15, this gives a larger contact patch for better overall grip and the 50 series profile will also result in a slightly taller sidewall. This not only looks great but will also give a slightly smoother ride than the Pirelli.

Toyo Tyres fitted to Audi Quattro

In Step Toyo Proxes

The Toyo Proxes TR1 is a high-performance tyre from Toyo. The tread pattern design of the Toyo Proxes TR1 blends form with function and provides outstanding performance with an individual identity. Innovative wear indicators allow drivers to take advantage of exceptional handling and grip throughout the life of the tyre while also enhancing the environmental impact of reducing waste. This makes the TR1 an ideal choice for this Quattro. The TR1 is available in 30 sizes from 14-18 inches in diameter.

Throughout the month of June 2024 if you purchase 2 or more Toyo Tyres from Bush Tyres, you will receive an Amazon voucher as a thank you. For every 2 x 16 inch or larger tyres purchased you will receive £15, every 4 tyres purchased will be rewarded with £30. To learn more about the June offer please click on the button below.

Toyo Tyres Offer

For full Terms and Conditions, click here.

Toyo Proxes a Great Alternative

Toyo’s range of tyres make a great alternative to some of the harder to find options. Toyo also offer a wide range of tyres from small family cars, 4×4, SUV and high-performance cars, with tyres for every application. Toyo tyres purchased from Bush Tyres also include a lifetime accidental damage warranty making Toyo a great value alternative to most premium brands.

To find your nearest Bush Tyres depot to have Toyo Proxes or any other Toyo Tyre fitted to your car click on the button below.


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