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2024 Tyre Safety Spring Campaign launched by TyreSafe

Article written by Bush Tyres Tyre Safety

Checking your tyre safety

TyreSafe is the UK’s leading tyre safety organisation. As a leading supplier of tyres, we fully support their Spring campaign.

Their campaign is designed to raise awareness of the critical importance of tyre safety and to encourage motorists to perform regular checks to ensure safe journeys. At Bush Tyres we offer free tyre checks in all our depots.

Sadly, across the motoring community there is a lack of knowledge regarding tyre safety and the consequences of not regularly checking your tyres which are the only point of contact between you and the road when driving.

Studies have shown that over 6 million tyres that are on the roads in the UK have are below the minimum legal requirement. These motorists are facing a fine of up to £2500 or three penalty points on their licence.

When vehicles are assessed for their annual MOT, over 2 million fail each year due to tyre defects. A staggering one million of those failures are classified as dangerous.

Around 152 people are killed or seriously injured in accidents related to defective tyres every year. This number is remarkably similar to incidents related to driving whilst using a mobile phone.

One in every five vehicle breakdowns on a motorways or A road can be attributed to defects within the tyre.  That means that somewhere around 50,000 breakdowns happen on our motorways needlessly every year. And we would all agree that breaking down on the motorway is the last place we would all choose to do so.

ACT making it easier to check your tyre safety!

TyreSafe’s Spring campaign uses the A.C.T acronym – Air pressure, Condition, and Tread to give a practical and accessible means of performing your tyre checks without special equipment. By being more proactive, motorists can prevent accidents, breakdowns, and unnecessary expenses.

TyreSafe Chair, Stuart Lovatt said “Whether it’s a family trip to the beach, a staycation, or even packing up the car and heading to the airport, tyre safety is paramount in making sure people get out and about this spring without a hitch.”

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