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Free Winter Car Checks Questions

What is a car mot test for?

Nominated testers (people or a person authorised by the Government body called the Vehicle & Operation Services Agency or VOSA) will conduct your MOT test. Your vehicle is inspected and the nominated tester will carry out a series of comprehensive checks around your vehicle. Included in this comprehensive check will be your vehicle interior and exterior, an inspection under your bonnet and an inspection under your vehicle. These checks are then recorded and will either be passed, failed or passed with an advisory notice. If the vehicle is deemed to met the minimum required standards than a pass will be issued and you will receive a VT20 "pass" certificate. If the vehicle is deemed to have failed some of those minimum required standards to pass your MOT then a VT30 "failure" document is issued. The checks that your vehicle has failed on will be shown in order for you to rectify them before a retest should be undertaken. Sometimes your vehicle will pass but the tester will note some advisory items that whilst they weren't below the required minimum standards to fail, he or she believes you need to be aware of them and ideally get them rectified at some point in the future. An example of an advisory notice could be the amount of tread left on your tyres - it could be above the required legal limit to pass the MOT however the tester believes that the tyre(s) will need replacing before the next MOT is due and that it would be safer to get them changed sooner rather than later.

How to check car mot history and tax?

To check the MOT and tax status of a car, visit the website:

How long does car mot take?

Your MOT test will take approximately one - two hours to carry out during which you are welcome to relax in our comfortable reception area.

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What does a car mot cost?

The government sets the maximum cost for MOTs by vehicle type. The current maximum price list can be found here: Call your Bush Tyres MOT centre for details of our latest MOT prices.

Who is responsible for car mot?

The legal owner of the vehicle is responsible for ensuring that their car has a valid MOT.

How to pass car mot?

There are a number of ways you can minimise the risk of your car failing its MOT. Here's some useful information from Which that includes a handy checklist for interior and external checks before your MOT:

What fails car mot?

Regular maintenance on your car can help to reduce the probability of failing the MOT. The DVSA reports that around 50% of failed MOTs could have been prevented with regular maintenance. MOTs often fail due to bulbs, wiper blades and tyres being worn.

Which car needs mot?

Most vehicles require an MOT from 3 years old onwards however some vehicles are required by law to have MOTs from 1 year. This useful page from provides a list of MOT requirements for each vehicle type:

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