Save Money by Checking Your Tyre Pressure

Most motorists are unaware of the many benefits they stand to gain from having the correct tyre pressures. These benefits include better safety, improved fuel efficiency and prolonging the lifespan of the tyres.

Drivers and their passengers can rest assured that they will have a safer journey if they have the correct tyre pressure - mainly because the vehicle's handling and the tyres' grip on the road will be improved.

There is also great news for every driver's wallet, as you can save huge amounts of money by ensuring you have the correct tyre pressure, as for one simple check - you can make your tyres go the distance, so you don't have to replace them more often than needed.

Those which aren't kept at the right pressure tend to wear out much more quickly.

Lower fuel costs are guaranteed too, because less force is required by correctly inflated tyres to turn - meaning a car will use less petrol or diesel as a result!

Therefore, to avoid any potential problems and save on any unnecessary costs, it is important for drivers to check their tyre pressure frequently.

For more information on checking your tyres' pressure please visit our website, where you can read more information on our FREE pressure checks, which could save you over £100 a year on your fuel bill!

You can also read more about the benefits of correct tyre pressures by clicking on the attached Pdf.

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