Trelleborg Cashback Extension

 We are happy to announce that the Trelleborg Cashback offer has been extended until the 31st of May.

This offer allows you to receive up to £400 cashback when buying Trelleborg tyres

The sizes and amounts available are below:-


Pattern                                                      Up to 30"             32"+

TM600                                                 Â£50 per pair    £90 per pair

TM700                                                 £70 per pair               £120 per pair

TM800                                                 £80 per pair               £140 per pair

TM900/1000/2000/3000                £100 per pair                  £200 per pair

Twin Radial                                         £60 per pair               Â£60 per pair

For more information please click the picture above or the link below:


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