A New Battery for Toyota LandCruiser 70 pickup

This 2021 white Toyota LandCruiser 70 pickup also known as a Ute came to our Horncastle branch for a new battery.

The Toyota LandCruiser 70 pickup was imported from Australia and is a two-door single-cab cab-chassis with a 4.5 litre V8 Turbo-diesel engine which delivers the grunt to make tough jobs easy, with 151kW of power at just 3,400rpm and a huge 430Nm of torque all the way from 1,200 to 3,200rpm.

A New Battery for Toyota LandCruiser 70 pickup

A New Battery for Toyota LandCruiser 70 pickup

The LandCruiser also features A-pillar mounted snorkel which helps reduce the chance of water entering the engine when driving through water and helps provide cleaner, cooler air to the engine on dusty roads – perfect for off road driving!

The customer was also able to take advantage of our current offer and received £7 off the price of the new battery.

If you are looking for a new battery, you can find the battery for your vehicle using our online battery search.

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