AMG S500 fitted with Pirelli W240 Sottozero Series 2 Tyres

Bush Tyres Beverley had this AMG Mercedes S500 in for a full set of Pirelli Sottozero W240S2 winter tyres and a full wheel alignment in preperation for the cold winter months ahead.

Pirelli Sottozero W240 Series 2The Tyre

The Winter Sottozero Serie II is the ideal choice for sports cars and top end vehicles, balancing performance, safety and respect for the environment. The asymmetric tread pattern is divided into two distinct elements. The inner area expels water effectively whilst the external area, with its more rigid and spaced blocks, ensures high levels of grip on snow.


Wheel Alignment

wheel alignmentIt's always important to have your wheel alignment checked regularily & not just because it saves your tyres from wearing un-evenly or because a correctly aligned car saves fuel.

If your cars wheel alignment is incorrect your miss-sligned wheels are fighting against each other. The left & right wheels are either pushing towards each other or pulling away from each other. You don't notice this when the roads are dry but you can see the effects of this with uneven tyre wear or lower fuel economy.

The worst problems show up when the road surface is patchy, either dry roads with wet patches or wet roads with ice patches. As soon as one, miss-aligned runs over the wet or ice patch it looses grip in comparison to its adjacent wheel, This causes the vehicle to suddenly pull sideways as the wheel with better grip takes control of the car, makinf the vehicle feel 'twitchy'. Another instance when this scenario appears is on bumpy or uneven road surfaces. If your car feels as if it is pulling to the left one minute & to the right the next, this is a good indicator your wheel alignment requires checking.

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